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Sports stadium LED display

sports stadium led display


Sports stadium LED displays are used on indoor to give the score and time or relay broadcasting the composition.

Because there are many lights in the stadium, the brightness must above 1000nits. It needn’t too higher viewing distance. But high refresh frequency is absolutely necessary . I t needn’t too higher protection grade, but it must have soft mask and soft top cover to protect the display.

Due to the Sports stadium LED displays maybe used in compsition, it is necessary have higher resolution so that can check out the score at any time. And there must have many audiences, so good viewing angle is also very necessary. The viewing angle should be wider than common used.

LED display screen structure diagram:

commercial advertising led display media

LED display screen control system connection diagram

commercial advertising led display media

Module-Cabinet-LED display screen configuration diagram

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Recommended LED display screen models:

Indoor models: P4 P5 P6 P7.62 P4

Outdoor models:P10 P16

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