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Rental LED display screen

Rental LED display screen


Rental led display includes indoor and outdoor led panel, and there are magic clear panel, curtain wall panel, mesh led panel, raster screen and light bar panel.
The main characteristics of rental led display are: convenient to move and independent design of cabinets and easy to install. Rental indoor led display’s cabinets are usually cast-aluminum cabinet and the ultrathin aluminum cabinet, so it is easy to remove and install. The packing is usually the flight case which used for rental. Rental outdoor led display includes small pixel pitch of high definition, medium pixel pitch of standard definition and long pixel pitch of economical led display.
The latest development of hanging structure of rental led display allows the hanging of both the independent cabinet and the whole screen, which not only makes the installation and the use of cabinet more convenient bur also increases the practicality of the screen body.

As a movable media, there are some things different with the fixed installation commercial LED screen:
1. Lock button
2. Hanging cabinets inner structure
3. Hanging beam
4. Bottom Bracket
5. Flight case
We can offer all kinds of rental use LED screen: indoor stage rental LED screen, outdoor events rental LED display screen.
For the rental use LED screen: flight case, luck button & hanging structure is always necessary since the screen needs to move from one site to another very frequently and only use several days for each event.

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LED display screen structure diagram:

Rental LED display screen Rental LED display screen

LED display screen control system connection diagram

Module-Cabinet-LED display screen configuration diagram

commercial advertising led display media

Recommended LED display screen models:

Indoor models: P4 P5 P6 P7.62 P4

Outdoor models:P10 P16

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