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Outdoor full color LED display

outdoor full color led display


Outdoor LED display also includes LED video display and LED message billboard.
Outdoor LED single and double color message billboard like the high way notice board, cross street red and green indicator, outside the bank, supermarket notice board etc.

Outdoor full color video display is more popular especially with 2R1G1B used for commercial advertising, campaign, ceremony at street, square, plaza, outdoor wall, mobile trailer for rental usage and all other outdoor situation.

The commonly used pixel pitch are 10mm,12mm,14mm 16mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,31.25mm,37.5mm,40mm,and among which P10,P12,P16,P20 is more popular and often used. With compared big pixel pitch, outdoor LED display usually has big viewing distance to make broader range of audience to see the video so that it has better advertising effect or notice effect.



Outdoor Led screen working method is usually static, which can increase the brightness under big pixel pitch. The brightness requirement of outdoor LED screen display is at least 5500nits when back of the sun or you will not see clear image, and when facing to the sun, it should reach over 7500 nits or you couldn’t see clearly during the noon time (usually 11am~3pm). So if your screen is facing the sun then you should be very careful for choosing the correct model and reliable supplier for you since some outdoor models can only reach around 5500-7500 nit brightness. This is not very enough for your outdoor application.

Outdoor LED screen display needs higher dust and water proof protection grade and it's usually IP65, which means completely protecting the screen body from tiny dust ingress and it will be OK with water washing.


1. Product tehinical data documentation 
2. Software user manual
3. LED controller manual
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