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Mobile LED display screen

Mobile LED display screen


Mobile led display is an innovative outdoor display which includes the trailer, roof type and the sidewall structure. The common model of mobile trailer is PH10. Mobile trailer led screen is a very fast growing which contains the big three sided trailer led screen, double sided trailer led screen and one sided small truck led screen, etc. It becomes very popular in advertising field and attracts more and more attention than the fixed installation led display. Mobile trailer led screen are widely used on street and living quarters where many people can found.

As we know, mobile led display is major for outdoor mobile advertisement, so it is special for power, energy, shockproof and so on. In order to achieve that, the control system should be stable and the combination of the cabinets should be perfect, double copper technology improves the stability of the system, good thermal conductivity and telecommunications parameters and strengthens shockproof, the driving mode can be low down to ensure the power supply.


LED display screen structure diagram:

Mobile LED display screen

LED display screen control system connection diagram

Mobile LED display screen

Module-Cabinet-LED display screen configuration diagram

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Recommended LED display screen models:

Outdoor models:P10 P16

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