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Message LED display screen

Message LED display screen


The model of digital electronic message text information is usually the single color led display which is used for showing some simple words or some information, such as the logo of the company, the information of the schedule of the car, the information of the rate in the bank, price information, weather and humidity information and news and notices , or showing some warnings of the traffic  condition. It fits for the oil station, train and bus station or air port, etc.  P20 outdoor full color& P20 outdoor double color/single color is the main model for outdoor system; P7.62 indoor full color/double color/single color is the main model for indoor system.  Single red and single green are the most common model.


Message led display screen are used to give some simple digital. So it needn’t many colors. Usually this display made of single red color.

At most time, they are used on indoor or semi-indoor, such as bank, supermarket, small shop, bus station, platform , bus, train and so on. It needn’t very long viewing distance. Just we can see is OK. Usually it is small and made by one cabinet. The cost is lower a lot than common used display.

This kind of display is very easy to installed. Often most of them are hanging with hanging rings. Because they are very light, it is easy to hang them. And the front maintance and back maintance both are very convenient to this kind display and cost not so much.


1. Product tehinical data documentation 
2. Software user manual
3. LED controller manual
4. Techinical drawing

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