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Commercial ad. LED display

Commercial ad. LED display


Commercial advertising LED screen includes indoor and outdoor screen display. It is usually with full color as it is often showing motive video and colorful picture one by one for advertising.

Indoor advertising screen usually has small pixel pitch, like P4, P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10, P12, among which P6, P7.62 are the most popular for its high definition and more cost effect than P4 and P5, and also indoor LED screen usually has smaller screen size, so with smaller viewing distance to adapt the indoor limited space. For example, it can be used as advertising billboard in an exhibition hall with collected audience, in a house or room with a campaign or activity or a party or a ceremony.

Outdoor commercial advertising LED screen display like the outdoor big stage, square, street, hanging over the air outdoor etc. It is usually with bigger pixel pitch like P10, P12, P14, P16, P20, P25 and even bigger, with bigger screen size so bigger viewing distance to notice broader range of audience. It has higher dust and water protection grade like IP65, which means it can completely prevent tiny dust ingress and it won’t be damaged at all with water washing.

LED display screen structure diagram:

commercial advertising led display media

LED display screen control system connection diagram

Module-Cabinet-LED display screen configuration diagram

commercial advertising led display media

Recommended LED display screen models:

Indoor models: P4 P5 P6 P7.62

Outdoor models:P10 P16 P20

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