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P37.5 full color LED display screen

P37.5 Indoor stage curtain full color LED display screen


LED curtain screen are mainly used for concert, business and all kind of social intercourse activities performance. With our strong R&D team and professional production technology, we have now the advanced flexible LED screen, MISPHERE, ERALED, they can not only fulfill your expected image effect, but also create uncomparable romantic atmosphere. A flexible LED video screen with stable display performance. flex LED curtain screen can bend, wrap, drape, and fold to conform to even the most unusual designs; Yet it is equally functional and stunning when quickly rolled out flat to creat a video screen. LED flexible curtain can be configured as large screen or unique shapes and sizes.
LED Curtain Display,Particularly design for indoor and outdoor installation stressing remote image effect and transparency. LED curtain screen with characteristics of light weight, easy installation, large pixel pitch, high cost-effectiveness and light/wind transmission. With features of bright color, quick respond, high reliability, long life-span and friendly to environments. Without fans and noise, the complete screen is able to operate between -30�?60�?with low power consumption. The screen is made into strip or net and the size of which could be adjusted as you can

Technical Specification(P37.5mm):

Pixel configuration DIP346 2R2G2B
LEDs configuration Red:wave length: 625~630nm;1100-1300mcd
Green:wave length: 525~530nm;1900-2400mcd
Blue:wave length: 470~475nm;500-700mcd
Pixel pitch(mm) 37.5
Pixel density(dots/�? 711
Calibrated brightness(cd/sqm,nit)  2000 nits(adjustable)
Calibrated brightness proportion ratio R: G: B = 30%:60%:10%
Color temperature 3,500° �?9,500° K(adjustable)
Contrast ratio 4,500:1
Brightness adjustment(dimming) 100 grade auto/manual-adjustment
View angle(degree)(50% brightness)  Horizontal: 120° (60° off center); Vertical: 70° (+25°/-45° off center) 
Readability viewing angle Horizontal: 150° (75° off center); Vertical: 90° (+35°/-55° off center) 
Color capability 4.4 trillion
Refresh rate(Hz) >2000 Hz
Frame frequency(Hz) >60 Hz
Interface port DVI interface(DVI connector)
Input signal VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.
Protection grade IP65 front side/IP54 backside
LED Drive  Constant-current drive
Lifetime(hours)(50% brightness)  100,000 hours 
Signal transmission direction Horizontal
Operating temperature(Celsius degree) -30�?65'
Storage temperature(Celsius degree) -35�?70'
Operation humidity(RH) 0-95%
Operation humidity(RH) 0-99%
Servicing Front and back serving optional
Control mode Synchronous & asynchronous available
Communication options Wire Ethernet, Fiber Ethernet,RF wireless,GPRS
Power 120/240 V  AC single phase(50-60Hz)
Maximum power consumption(W/SQM) 180
Average power consumption(W/SQM) 72
Screen operation mode(scan/static) static: 1/4
Module configuration(Pixels quantities of the module) Length 8
Height 8
Module dimensions(mm) Length 300
Height 300
Cabinet configuration Length 3
Height 3
Cabinet dimensions(mm) Length 900
Height 900
Width 170
Screen configuration(Finished complet screen system) Length 4
Height 3
Screen dimensions(m) Length 3.6000
Height 2.7000
Screen Size(�? SQM 9.7200
Recommend Optimal Viewing Distance: Minimum & Maximum  Min 23
Max  510
Resolution ratio(dots/pixels) Length 96
Height 72
Aspect Ratio(L:H) 1.33333
Packaging configuration 10 standard cabinets in  a packing case(1 cabinet in 1 packing case when the unit cabinet is more than 1.5SQM)
Packing material Wooden case/carton/flight case(optional)
Packing quantities 6
Packing volume(CBM) 6
Packing  Dimensions(mm) Length 950
Height 1050
Width 1030
Packing weight(KG) net 97
gross 131
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