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P18 outdoor full color energy saving LED display

P18 outdoor full color energy saving LED display


This also is a widly used outdoor LED display.

Physical Pixel Pitch: 18mm
Physical Pixel Density: 3086
Pixel configuration : 2R1G1B
Module Size: 288*144
Module resolution: 16*8dots
Cabinet size: 1152*864
Max. power consumption: 1000 W/sq.m
Brightness: above 5500 nits
IP grade: IP65 front side/IP65 back side
Operation Humidity (RH): 0-95%
Storage humidity:0-99%
Operating temperature (Celsius degree): -20 disgree to 55 degree
Stored temperature: -30 degree to 60 degree
Servicing: front maintance and back maintance

Technical Specification(P18mm):

Pixel configuration DIP346 1R1G/1R1B
LEDs configuration Red:wave length: 625~630nm;1100-1300mcd
Green:wave length: 525~530nm;1900-2400mcd
Blue:wave length: 470~475nm;500-700mcd
Pixel pitch(mm) 18
Pixel density(dots/? 3086
Calibrated brightness(cd/sqm,nit)  3500
Calibrated brightness proportion ratio R: G: B = 30%:60%:10%
Color temperature 3,500° ?9,500° K(adjustable)
Contrast ratio 1,000:1
Brightness adjustment(dimming) 100 grade auto/manual-adjustment
View angle(degree)(50% brightness)  Horizontal: 120° (60° off center); Vertical: 70° (+25°/-45° off center) 
Readability viewing angle Horizontal: 150° (75° off center); Vertical: 90° (+35°/-55° off center) 
Color capability 4.4 trillion
Refresh rate(Hz) >300 Hz
Frame frequency(Hz) >60 Hz
Interface port DVI interface(DVI connector)
Input signal VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB etc.
Protection grade IP65 front side/IP54 backside
LED Drive  Constant-current drive
Lifetime(hours)(50% brightness)  100,000 hours 
Signal transmission direction Horizontal
Operating temperature(Celsius degree) -30?65'
Storage temperature(Celsius degree) -35?70'
Operation humidity(RH) 0-95%
Operation humidity(RH) 0-99%
Servicing Front and back serving optional
Control mode Synchronous & asynchronous available
Communication options Wire Ethernet, Fiber Ethernet,RF wireless,GPRS
Power 120/240 V  AC single phase(50-60Hz)
Maximum power consumption(energying saving LED display screen model)(W/SQM) 450
Average power consumption(energying saving LED display screen model)(W/SQM) 180
Screen operation mode(scan/static) static: 1/1
Module configuration(Pixels quantities of the module) Length 16
Height 8
Module dimensions(mm) Length 288
Height 144
Cabinet configuration Length 4
Height 6
Cabinet dimensions(mm) Length 1152
Height 864
Width 170
Screen configuration(Finished complet screen system) Length 8
Height 8
Screen dimensions(m) Length 9.2160
Height 6.9120
Screen Size(? SQM 63.7010
Recommend Optimal Viewing Distance: Minimum & Maximum  Min 11
Max  245
Resolution ratio(dots/pixels) Length 512
Height 384
Aspect Ratio(L:H) 1.33333
Packaging configuration 2 standard cabinets in  a packing case(1 cabinet in 1 packing case when the unit cabinet is more than 1.5SQM)
Packing material Wooden case/carton/flight case(optional)
Packing quantities 32
Packing volume(CBM) 22
Packing  Dimensions(mm) Length 1257
Height 1069
Width 520
Packing weight(KG) net 2389
gross 3225
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