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Watching the future development trend of the LED display


In recent years, with the development of the industry LED by leaps and bounds, and in various activities made important role. As a carrier of outdoor advertising best LED display and rapid development.

Especially in the new century, photoelectric industry get social wide attention and the government's strong support, information display technology development is rapid, some of which have the strength and the influence enterprise LED display industry as important content of strategy of business development, are involved in LED display field. And China's accession to the WTO, Beijing to host the 2008 Olympic Games, and to host the world expo in Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and its Asian games participants and so on the significant activity, for the LED display industry development to the good opportunity.

At present our country LED the development of the industry has some obvious characteristics and, in general, to private enterprises, the young employees, industry growth speed, the technical innovation ability is strong, industry market competition is intense and price as the main means of competition, mainly the LED display manufacturers focus in shenzhen, the pearl river delta area, the national distribution uneven. But the future of the LED display industry development trend is still optimistic:

First of all, semiconductor lighting development, will also be LED display areas of overall ascension form new opportunities for development.

In the LED display a wide range of at the same time, the LED lighting source as a new materials have also made breakthrough development in recent years. The traditional lighting is mainly incandescent light bulb and fluorescent lamp out, in the reliability, low power consumption, use life on the disappointing. In recent years, as the light source made of materials LED lamp, city landscape lamp and other products are being introduced, LED light source material the illumination luminaries of the market are forming and a rising trend. Especially in the urban landscape, the danger zone and the use of the emergency response is more great potential.

Second, full-color LED display screen industry will be a new growth point, the future market demand is still very large. With the material properties of LED devices continues to improve, full-color LED display to cost down. By the end of 2003, the national within the scope of the full color LED display screen reached more than 600 pieces. Is widely used for the comprehensive level, widely used in addition to the domestic price and localization service superiority outside, in technical depth, production technology and foreign product the gap is gradually narrowing. The technology of indoor stick SMD table full-color LED display of rapid development and will be the leading development of indoor display products.

In addition, the traffic signal, automobiles, special field LED broad prospect of application. Super bright LED, and power of the device, in urban traffic light has been widely adopted. LED lights have high brightness, high reliability and low cost, the long life, etc. Also used in transportation scheduling LED traffic induction screen demand has increased.

To believe that with the LED display product standards of the formation and the implementation of the series standard, LED display field to health in orderly direction. High quality, high-definition LED electronic display screen the potential for the development of space is very big still. On the other hand, a line of domestic cities, although many of the display installed, but the market has not saturated. Second city and three kinds of city only preliminary penetration, so future display industry development trend is still optimistic.

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