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Through the curtains screen and grating LED display screen see future market


As the LED display the application field of penetration, these applications also LED display products to have a better requirements. In recent years, portable ultra-thin LED the curtains screen and LED screen is grating outdoor advertising media close look at, investigate its reason, or because cannot leave a curtain screen and grating screen itself the advantages and features:
1, the LED display screen and LED display grating curtain can be used in outdoor and indoor, the request has pervious to light quality, show from the advantages of large pixels. Generally used to need to have adornment effect of super DaBing display occasions, it is common in conventional display screen and lighting lighting between LED display application products;
2, both also have weight light, wind sex good, easy installation, heat dissipation good performance, convenient maintenance and waterproof properties is good, the seismic performance is good, the auxiliary installation framework low cost, no fan mute advantages;
3 and alternative digital tube used to make linear light source, the connection point light source the light effect more different general;
4, multiple mould level can form a full-color display wall, form a perfect picture;
5, module to qualify for high and low temperature will can perfect silica gel wire, with professional waterproof joint, professional design meticulously build full seal of waterproof structure protection grade reaches 1 P67 can adapt to all kinds of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environment, work environment can be up to 20 and range-+ 80 degrees Celsius, the rain can work;
Six, can be arbitrary combination of various shapes, easy installation, no influence on the original object appearance and structure;
7 and whenLED display screen and LED display grating curtain when used in outdoor, the examination and approval can play with the government cut to building lighting form the examination and approval of the examination and approval of the commercial display screen is around the obstacle.
8, to ensure that the outdoor real engineering pixel enough brightness, module with silicone potting do positive water-proof treatment, silica gel color can according to the requirements, the comparison with color card only, make this and exterior colour perfect coordination;
9, the display unit for strip, can be assembled into that face form in arc, WaiHu display face form, inner circle screen face form, S display face form, ball shape and various special-shaped screen, common conventional display can't achieve that effect;
10 and the other two main used for internal and external super real-time display and engineering, and the curtain for large screen stage lease more;
Because have more advantages, so it made LED screen and LED grating curtain in the application of screen advertisement more and more.

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