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The screen in the application processor LED display principle


The synchronization of technology and demand growth, let a full-color LED display development more quickly. Now a full-color LED display have been widely applied in various places, tall wall body, square, hotel conference rooms, stage background, etc, but different application scope, demand characteristic is not the same. Some of the outdoor plaza LED display advertisements broadcasting needs only to go, and as the stage is the backdrop to the demand for stage photography and so on, this needs a full-color LED display has more features characteristics.
And these function characteristics, have a plenty of the LED screen itself has the, and some is equipped with some of the other hardware to just can achieve some function. Today we analyse the processor in the LED display screen of the application of the principle. To bring all the video signal input into a fixed pixel display of physical resolution, manufacturers must in the display of a video processing chip integrated. In addition to adapt the physical image scaling the resolution, the video processor more the leading role is to enhance the image and eliminate video transmission cause artifacts.
Video processor is a full-color LED display birth, growth, and maturity in the whole process of the witnesses and the symbolic equipment, today the video processing equipment LED dedicated in the process also gradually mature, LED video processor quality directly affect the LED display show effect.

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