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The LED display control system function and characteristics


The LED display is able to be lead the new trend in advertising media, is it has updated the contents of the advertisements speed, release information simple, various forms of advertising, energy conservation and environmental protection, service life is long and so many a little; But a piece of can play the animation, video, with pictures of a variety of forms such as the content of the LED display, what is the mystery behind the picture in the rotation control? Let us know about the LED display control system of the huge role.

A, LED the control software features:

Make convenient: the software simple operation, use agile and convenient, designed for LED screen making all sorts of playing the program, integrated many media objects, at the same time, in order to join program, in program production process, can real time observation to display effect, changes, will be immediately reflect to the window, make very intuitive and clear.
Play flexible: will the video processing and excellent multimedia network technology perfect union, has the good human-machine interface. Can make the VGA video images and also appear on the screen. First of all, can produce the effect of than subtitles machine, with television, video programming as background, in the screen produces rolling, mobile, such as flashing of words and images show effect. Second, can the 2 d / 3 d animation and video superposition, achieve similar to real people cartoon characters to the effect of performance. In this form, due to the need for video and animation synchronization, be about to use compressed video and the three dimensional animation superposition function, the function, make the form to induce a leap, will make the appeal of spread produce very big improvement.
The editor of diverse forms: through the keyboard, mouse, scanners and so on the different input modes input text and image information, to input the content of any editors, achieve the effect of need.
Can show stunts: software can be all sorts of text, images with a lively form of it on the screen, with mobile, tumbling, pull the tabernacle of the congregation, the wrong move, shutters, zoom-in and so on many kinds of special way, has the very strong visibility.
Play process of complete control: and generally DVD players are similar, played back may at any time to any a show, can use normal speed or quick play, also can a single step, played on the process is may at any time suspend play, and then start again from suspended place, the system also pointed out that the current time at any time and programs, and very easy to use, to watch the best effect.
Can play sound effects: for the system form more rich, player software support voice and 2 d, 3 d animation synchronization output. Make a dialogue between the characters can be, when studio can have commentary, background music, etc.
Second, editor and program transmitter

1. The program editor

Graphics editor: available within WINDOWS on a bitmap file brush paint, amplification, narrow, rotation, delete, copy, transfer, add, modify and so on many kinds of production methods, in order to achieve the graphics playback.
Text editor: and CCDOS, XSDOS, UCDOS input methods such as the graphics editing software compatible text has fake, black, fixed, song and its variants and twelve kind of font, font size from 128 x 128 to 16 × 16 dot matrix and size setting free to dozens of specifications. And with all sorts of adornment word (hollow, lean, shadow, grid, stereo, etc) and can text copy, mobile, delete etc. Function.
2, the program transmitter

Use WINDOWS can be the following equipment or software generated graphics editing, and then sent to the real-time panel.
Use scanners, video recorder and peripherals to graphics for gathering, editing, then use WINDOWS play to the screen.
Image is 16 level gray, can real-time broadcast television.
Text, video and image can be convenient to superposition.
Text, video and image of have no amplifier and narrow make you operate follow one's inclinations.
Using 2 d, 3 d animation software make satisfactory animation graphics, real-time broadcast on the screen.
Three, making the system characteristics

The computer makes, the function with the open design software zhuo, compatible with international graphics/image standard, has a powerful editor production capacity. Generated text ads, 3 d animation, since can directly generate tear sheets, a poster or color is negative, and in LED electronic screen can be played on, will make a big screen display with special effects combined, provides the user with a powerful design, production, broadcast platform. Can play a variety of production of the generation of software programs, such as: TIF, TAG, FLI, FLC, AVI, JPEG, etc.
System equipped with advertising support software including: ANI animation software package; 3 DS 3 d animation software package; Windows/Windows/WINDOWSXP Chinese character system including song typeface, FangSongTi dictionaries, kai ti, bold; All kinds of fonts hollow, italics, with standard, flat body, ChangTi figure, etc; But through the keyboard and mouse were enlarged, delete, modify etc editing functions.
The LED display control system through their part and structure, match on the LED display product features, it can form the perfect picture, rich and colorful full-color LED panel display.

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