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The LED display as one table stick and three and a table posted difference

We always have the customer to visit the factory in ERALED can ask: your company's table stick LED display a and table posted three and a LED display what is the difference? Now we have to solve the problem do a solution.

(1), as one table stick: it is to point to in red, green, blue three light-emitting points in the same light tube inside packages of synthesis, because in the same light tube package, so look nearly is a bit, and division is a line. As one price is high, do the best is inferior, osram, GREE.

(2), three and a table stick (separation table stick) : it is to point to in red, green, blue three light-emitting point is a separate packaging, packaging and and the table of the stick arranged into a pixel.

(3), as one table with three and a stick stick contrast table distinction:

Three and a separate table is stuck, three separate power supply. Compared with a with low power consumption, heat dissipation good, prolong the life of the screen, high reliability. Three and a whole screen than a to big perspective, and three and a surface can do light diffuse processing, the effect is that there is a granular, well of good color. Three and a whole face to shine with, and as one limited to point to shine, and so the three and a whole color than even a.
Three and a stick can diffuse light table do deal with, and to display a compared to the color and better properties, no granular feeling. In addition, three and a whole screen than one big some perspective.
In contrast, three and a lower than a maintenance cost, because three and one can realize single lamp maintenance. Maintenance mode is simple.
Three and a table in the color of the whole post screen than a even, because three and one with the whole face is to shine and limited to one point to shine.
From color terms, three and a full color spectral color separation is one easy, and color saturation high.
Three and a in IC, drive chip temperature lower than a, so as to increase the screen the whole body life.
Because a complex step on the table to stick process, time is long. Three and a time limit is normal production display production date.
I company three and a mask protect, make whole screen body dustproof, sunscreen, the direct and shine the chip's collision, and can reach the effect of luminous chip protection, and one is luminous direct wafer and bare outer, without any mask of protection.
In the whole screen using the same point interval, the same constant current static, the same light, the same chip chip, three and a relatively as one cost will be more preferential.
From the welding process, for three and a table posted the encapsulation of the way very mature, than to watch a stick. Most of the major manufacturers in China can do three and a encapsulation, and the encapsulation way very mature popularization, but only one company works in a do encapsulation, such as one will have a limitation.
From the packaging process up theory, three and a package cost and production cost is low one.
From the time limit terms, three and a time limit is normal production display production date, and because of the complex process on a steps, time is long.
Generally speaking, three and a package cost and production costs are much lower than a. As one table posted LED display price is higher, mainly for exporting. Believe that with chip processing cost reduced slowly, with its three and a high price is very good to meet the user's needs.

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