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Special factors LED display choice

Although LED from fairly extensive sources of supply, but it is still need to choose carefully.

Most designers think all electronic LED display the quality of the products are the same. However, LED electronic display manufacturers and suppliers of numerous, Asian producers to global supply of low cost LED electronic display screen. Surprisingly, in these manufacturers in only a few can produce high quality LED. For simple for only indicative function of application, low quality of leds to satisfy a requirement. But in many demands consistency and reliability, and solid state lighting and other fields or instructions must be of the high quality LED, especially in a harsh environment, for example in the highway, military/air, and industrial application.

As a full-color LED device LED display of the most key components, for three reasons: first, LED a full color is used in the largest number of key components, every square metre will use to tens of thousands of only LED; Second, LED the whole screen is to determine the subject of optical display performance, the direct impact of the monitor's evaluation; Once again, the LED display in the overall cost of the largest share ranging from 30% to 70%.

The choice of the whole screen LED to more than 50% of the quality, if failed to select good LED, other parts of the screen again good can make up for the drawback of the display screen.

The key factors sharpshooters notched the hungry

Cabinet design for the display is very important, on the one hand, it is the circuit protection, on the other hand is security role, and still have dustproof, waterproof function. But more important is the ventilation cooling hot loop system design are good, along with the boot the extension of time and outside temperature rises, the components of the hot drift will increase, resulting in image quality becomes poor. Good ventilation cooling design is cabinet design the necessary index.

The importance of power

Power in a LED display system is also an important effect on the quality of the link. Due to a power supply in different temperature condition, its working stability, output voltage value and take the load capacity will also different, because it for the logistics safeguard function, so its guarantee ability directly affect the quality of the screen. Due to performance and stability and different brands and specifications of the power equipment price also has quite big difference. Not only after low price and watch its performance and quality to choose.

The importance of brand

A well-known brand is through long-term market work to get recognized by the society. Enterprise as brand for life, never easy to short-term benefits and damage its brand image. And a few small companies or less-known company, in this respect is no scruples. Sometimes for short-term interests, sacrifice their reputation, make injury customer behavior. So, choose a big brand suppliers, with the quality assurance is very helpful.

In addition, the display screen on the module driver circuit board drive arrangements will also affect the brightness of the LED. Due to the driver output current PCB transmission distance too far, makes transmission path pressure drop is too large, affect the normal work of the voltage LED to lower its brightness. We often find display module of brightness LED around than among low some, and it is for this reason. So to ensure the consistency of the screen brightness, be about to design good drive circuit distribution.

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