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Reveal the LED display remote control system-wireless information release


The LED display are able to replace the neon lights, billboard advertising media such as traditional, become the leading advertising, lease areas of new trend, always inseparable from the LED display itself advantage. High brightness, hd, energy saving, display information diversification, broadcast way simple and so on a series of advantage, make LED screens become the protagonist of the field of advertisement. So in the application of outdoor LED display, and how to control it, how to transmit information?
Generally speaking, outdoor LED display because of the space and environmental restrictions, so most of the remote control method. But the traditional LED display information input can only through the data and computer connected directly to, and can't meet the needs of the remote real-time release information. And the display screen wireless information publishing system, can effectively solve the problem of the LED display remote network. This system based on GPRS wireless network technology, provide general LED communication control interface, and to realize the large-scale LED screens of the network. No matter where the LED display system, the control center to be able to accurately, real-time information release to the appointed one or more screen, greatly enhanced the LED display release information of flexibility.
Wireless led screen information release system by LED electronic screen, LED display controller, F2103GPRSDTU and wireless LED display information release center platform several parts. The control center through the LED display information release software to GPRS network for data transfer and carrier, with wireless data transmission units and display controller for screen access terminal, achieved by remote control center to the remote wireless LED display equipment, video, animation and send broadcast information, etc. Wireless LED display information release system has some features:
Real-time release information: traditional LED only to show that the controller fixed stored in information, such as the need to release new information can only through on-line computer to update the information. Wireless LED electronic screen at any time to receive information center allots information.
From distance limit: traditional LED electronic display can only use in short distances, generally only tens of meters, wireless LED display, across the country, as long as the wireless network coverage where GPRS can use, not affected by distance and location of the restrictions.
Easy installation and maintenance: because do not need to laying cable or communication cable, the wireless LED display the installation position of easy to choose. Product USES modular design, easy to maintain and repair.
Networking large scale: the content of the traditional LED by computer through serial data sent, the screen size restrictions on the amount received. Wireless LED display information release system through the xiamen four letter GPRSDTU to send information, using TCP/IP network transmission agreement, terminal networking unlimited number.
Wireless LED display information release system design principles
Reliability: wireless LED display terminal can work stably and reliably, hardware low failure rate. The communication mechanism is reliable, the use of wireless network communication environment has its complexity, the characteristics of the communication system must guarantee system is efficient and reliable data transmission.
Scalability: system to have good scalability, when number, use the user terminals expanding the scope, system function is increased, the smooth to upgrade, to protect the investment.
Practical: the whole system operation with convenient, simple, efficient as the goal, already fully embody the characteristics of fast reaction, and can be easily operating personnel information processing and release, facilitate the management to realize the information statistics.
Confidentiality: for the management of the system shall carry out strict authority management, only hold the key to access certain privileges, monitoring, and implementation of appropriate management, control operation, ensure safety and reliability of the system.
Advanced: make full use of computer network, mobile wireless communication system, the LED display and control, and other advanced technology, design of domestic advanced wireless LED display information release system. Using the advanced system software platform and terminal equipment, not only can support wireless display information networking release need, but also to support related industries internal specific business need.
Wireless LED display information release system operation
GPRS private network terminal system are logged server platform process for:
A GPRS user login request, the request for the mobile company including GPRS private network system of private network APN special distribution;
According to the request of the APN, SGSN DNS server to send queries, find and enterprise server platform GGSN connection, and user requests through GTP tunnel encapsulation for GGSN;
GGSN will the user authentication information (including cell phone number, the user accounts and passwords, etc) through the special line sent to the Radius for authentication;
Radius authentication server see mobile phone number and the authentication information, confirmed that is a legitimate user request from, to request a DHCP server distribution user address;
Authentication through Radius, the Radius GGSN send to carry the user address confirmation information;
The user to get an IP address, can carry data packets, special network system of GPRS information and business processing platform visit.
It is because of the wireless LED display information release system have more some features and function, and makes the LED display can remote control, information release updated timely, and simple operation.

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