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"Point by point correction" technology-hd LED display production not lacking


The LED display to hd, the pictures beautiful, high brightness, energy conservation and environmental protection etc advantages gradually replaced the traditional outdoor billboard, in addition has penetrated outdoor advertising field, also widely used in stage background, transportation, finance and other fields, and so on. Can say the LED display, especially a full color has become an indispensable scenery of this age.
So how to keep this way scenery invincible? This needs the LED display manufacturers, continue to innovate and technical reform, and constantly improve the quality of the LED display. We all know the LED display is by several LED, and even the same batches of LED, discrete is very big also, this leads to display the unequal problem. Different batches of the LED combination to use, then display uniformity will be more bad, "beautiful screen, dirty screen" phenomenon will be more serious, the picture is not clear, the serious influence ornamental effect.
This needs display in the production process, to use the same batches of the LED lights, and the most important thing is that the "point by point correction". So far only "point by point correction" technology can better adjust the whole screen uniformity. And, the mature of point adjustment technology can achieve different batch production LED mixed use, and the whole screen uniformity is good.
In a recent times "point by point correction" scheme, for example, in this scheme need to point by point correction the LED display there were 36 case, a total of 4 different use period the lamp of production, which is between the two different period the lamp of production. That is a different units in the plate on the lamp, belong to two different production batch, a single unit of the lamp is the same in the plate production batches. So the point by point correction of high difficulty.

Before and after correction point by point comparison picture
Adjust before:
The cabinet showed obvious brightness difference, boundary is very clear, white colour temperature slant red. The whole screen heterogeneity, cabinet and the dividing line between unit board obviously, the whole screen splash obvious, slant red color temperature, a border lines.
Point by point correction
Discrete control in the plus or minus 0.5% less than, the precision of the factory to factory index. (this index is the key, if can not meet, cannot provide to customers. This is the LED industry mandatory index, the only way to guarantee of the LED screen visibility.)
Another metering and toning need optical equipment. And a device of the price does not poor, often some project total price without a equipment are high value, and these high-end equipment to operating personnel requirements are high. So if can only rely on high-end technology equipment to solve the problem of discrete, costs will be very high. ERALED as domestic LED display manufacturers use the first point by point correction technology company, one of the most advanced technology and have the most professional point by point correction equipment and technology, now this technology has been put on the market.

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