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Outdoor media full-color LED display advantages

The LED display the commonly used thanks to the rapid development of LED technology, especially a full-color LED display applications. Today's LED display has become a new fashion of outdoor media advertising, currently a full-color LED screen is the most widely used in outdoor billboard, the most economical, the most attract customers eyeball outdoor advertising tools. LED screens, will replace the traditional painting billboards, neon billboards and bus station light box billboards, three sides turn over billboards, banner billboard, etc.; Believe in the near future, will produce a new round of advertising boom.

LED screens usually set up in traffic intersections, a busy shopping mall, square, used to do advertisement carrier multi-color LED display, take turns playing the commercial advertising and part of the public welfare advertising, advertising format emerge in endlessly, change multiterminal, extremely rich content, the picture is clear and smooth. To explore the LED screens become the era of outdoor media advantages:

1, LED screens to release advertisement process simple, easy to operate

LED advertising is actually a computer screen display, through the data line way or wireless communication and computer connections, as long as in the computer for simple Settings, it is can be used to release advertisement content, both for the convenience and fast.

2, the LED display advertising on the renewal of the speed

Advertising agents and publishers can update LED advertising screen advertisement content, update the way is in the computer host replace advertising program or change part of the text, renewal process from other external limitations.

3, LED advertising forms novel, vulnerable to the masses of users to accept

LED advertising screen is widely used to stream more public and roads, etc. Through the intuitive, image, vivid advertisement form of active attention attracted viewing, the audience a wider, more than traditional media compulsory exciting to watch. In addition to outdoor advertising outside, still can release information, and enriching people's cultural entertainment life, well received by the people's sure and loved. According to the leading domestic market research institutions CTR data showed that, since 2010, after the newspaper advertising media negative growth, outdoor advertising media growth rate as high as 80%, of which the outdoor advertising the LED display occupies 37% market share, but also will keep growing strong momentum.

Along with the development of the technology LED screens, outdoor media in the application fields of the more and more widely, believe that the application in the outdoor advertising large screen LED will bring us more exciting and more can meet the requirements of people's vision.

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