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Outdoor full-color LED display installation should be paid attention to


With full color LED display screen in outdoor advertising field used more widely, outdoor full-color LED display screen has become a new outdoor media advertising window, and along with the time development, technology and exterior design also in advancing with The Times. Today's outdoor LED display to not only look good, and to the quality and installation had higher demand. The engineering department ERALED about outdoor LED display, installation, should pay attention to the problems of analytical.

Outdoor full-color LED display the main problems of the installation should pay attention to the following:

1, outdoor LED installed in the outdoor, often weathered, the wind blowing dust cover, working conditions. Electronic equipment is drowning will cause a short-circuit even on fire, cause trouble or fire curtilage, loss;

2, outdoor LED display may be caused by lightning heavy strong magnetic attacks

3, environmental temperature varies greatly. When the work itself will display produces a certain quantity of heat, if the environment temperature is too high and heat dissipation and bad, integrated circuit may didn't work properly, and even was burned down, so that the display system can not work normally;

4, at a wide range wide, far beyond requirements, vision, demand is extensive; Environmental light change is big, especially may be direct sunlight. In view of the above AD hoc request, outdoor LED display must do:

Screen body and screen body and architecture road.the must discipline waterproof and leak; Screen body to have good drainage measures, once produce water can smooth discharge;
In the real screen and building to be installed by lightning strikes device. Display subject and shell to maintain good grounding, grounding resistance is less than 3 ohms, caused by lightning current timely bleeder;
Installation ventilation cooling equipment, make the screen body internal temperature in-10 ° ~ 40 ° between. Screen behind body above install axial flow fans from heat.
Choose working temperature in 40 ° ~ 80 °-between the industrial IC chip, prevent winter temperature too low to scroll can't start;
In order to guarantee in the environment light under the condition of strong visual distance, must choose high brightness leds;
Show media selecting new wide Angle tubes, wide Angle, colour is pure, consistent coordination, life over 100000 hours. Show the medium of firewalling at present the most popular with the cylinder cover square, silica gel seal, no metal costume match; Its exterior exquisite, beautiful and durable, has the direct sunlight, dustproof, waterproof, prevent high temperature, prevent a short circuit "five prevent" characteristics.
In addition the LED display supporting facilities installation must pay attention to the following questions

Installation requirements: screen around installation level, don't allow sloping; Lifting up and down to the regulation pole; Hanging before installation will pour off the hook; Be born before installation and positioning support bolt, safety considerations.

Power supply requirements: power supply connection points in screen size should be within the body; 220 V power supply utility, the 0 line grounding lines; 380 V power supply utility, three lines of a 0 line grounding lines; The wire with 0 line the same cross-sectional area; 10 kw above screen should add step-down start equipment.

Communication requirements: communication distance is based on communication line length is defined. Install screen models used communication line length standard to install the communication line. Communication lines and power supply with a ban in pipe line go line.

Now more widespread use LED electronic display screen, a perfect engineering in addition to ensure that the LED display smooth work outside, also want to consider the long-term and stable operation of the system, installation is firm degrees, the beautiful sex of the whole.

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