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Outdoor LED display waterproof technology requirements

LED by photoelectric industry since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening, to Shanghai world expo, then to guangzhou Asian games, to this year's participants have developed rapidly, and at the same time through this several significant activities, also shows a full-color LED screen wonderful charm. So these wonderful eye-catching outdoor LED display, is there any requirement for waterproof, and how to solve it. The enterprise has passed through a ERALED for more than six years experience, is also known as LED optoelectronic industry LED display manufacturers, some outdoor LED display pouring sealant was chosen to do the following requirements analysis:

A, LED organic silicon LED outdoor screen pouring sealant was cultured performance requirements

Organic silicon encapsulating rubber from use terms, mostly used in outdoor environment, of course, special place, used in the bottom or humid environment, etc. So, what is the most important performance requirements speak inquiry "weathering resistance," but and weather resistance directly and there is a close relation between the keywords mainly has: adhesion, stick relay, stretching force, flexibility, high low temperature ageing, acid and alkaline environment and so on specialized terms.

Weathering resistance are mainly embodied in the pouring sealant was after use, in all sorts of environments, such as: constant high temperature, constant temperature and degree of humidity, and outdoor soda acid rain and sunshine, the wind and snow, in addition, special purpose of requirements and ultraviolet radiation resistant and high thermal conductivity, high resistance but, high acid and alkali and performance requirements of the application for years, after curing glue can remain stable good adhesion, stick relay, stretching force, flexibility, insulation, waterproof, etc.

Second, outdoor LED display potting rubber in the application process, from quality, it mainly displays in what phenomenon

High quality (high-end) products: high flexibility, high toughness, high tensile strength, high adhesion and sticky relay and so on performance, the use of the products after pouring sealant, can withstand the test of outdoor environment, and after a year or two or more years of time, can maintain the extremely stable performance, and found that the change of glue shrinkage rate is very small. Of course, high-end in performance and other special requirements, and that is the extra heat conductivity, flame retardant properties, matt.

Good quality (medium) products: and the high quality (high-end) product contrast, and has certain good flexibility, flexibility, stretching force, adhesion and sticky relay, such as performance, can withstand the test of outdoor environment, and after a year or two or more years, can maintain the good stable performance, and found that the change of the glue shrinkage small.

Common (low) products: have some flexibility, softness, and has the very good tensile length tensile strength and strength but not very big, adhesion, stick relay relative good quality and low pouring sealant was a class, use after a year later potting or over the years, such products are apparent shrinkage rate, the greater the shrinkage rate, the lower the pure material containing glue, costs are relatively cheap; Instead, the smaller the shrinkage rate, the higher the pure material containing glue, costs are relatively high. If the market for malignant competition, and reduce the pure material containing excessive plus technology not mature, that there may be not easy to measure the quality of security problems, for example: fall off, silicon crack, decomposition of flow oil and so on.

Three, LED optoelectronic industry as a popular profession the increasingly fierce competition, the relevant supply chain profit space are constantly in compression, cost and profit in front, and the quality problem, how to balance the pouring sealant was chosen?

1, the choice of user potting glue first concern is the quality problem that stability, reliability, as electronic chemical materials, mainly used in outdoor various environment, must be tough as low temperature cold region, acid rain, snow, sunshine and so on long-term test, achieve what kind of effect of the weathering resistance, is the users to choose positioning standards;

2, usually users have several positioning method

A. high-end, i.e. general list of exported to Europe and America, of course domestic high-end projects, there are many high-end pouring sealant was used. High-end potting adhesive demand with makings high-grade, stable performance, weathering long, and that is the high strength toughness, flexibility, and stretching force, adhesion, stick relay are superior performance, long-term use outdoor environment, can only have a very slight contraction;

B. medium, in drawing, elasticity, toughness, adhesion, stick on the relay in high-end performance relatively low a class, but is not so obvious, and long-term use outdoor environment, have smaller shrinkage rate;

In the long wait sex outdoors environment use, will find glue shrinkage rate changes obviously, if not influence the screen waterproof function, as well as ignition aging or long-term outdoor environment application does not decompose flow of oil drops, can say have already qualified standard.

3, not qualified, the inferior products, to choose. In the market, there are many adhesive electronic chemical manufacturer, the technology is not mature, less experience is on one hand, on the other hand is in material selection cheaper price, quality inferior, in order to make products on the market the equation, with low price bidding to enter the market, but after all kinds of environment after the use is made up of many poor syndrome, such as: to take off the edge (and molded case separation), debonding (and separation of light), take off PCB board (that is, the adhesion are too loose, dig a large piece of, are digging bottom didn't glue residue residues), the colloid broken, even glue silicon crack, in addition, light the lamps aging or outdoor environment after after use, material flow drops of oil decomposition to module outside. These phenomena are not mature technology, raw materials selecting inferior cause.

ERALED always in line with: production and quality management is the foundation, the product of leading industry is the steps, the pursuit of customer satisfaction is the goal of the product quality policy, from research and design, to the purchase of raw material, production debugging, and then to the quality inspection, this series of process, ERALED always strict requirement, put every step well. We believe that our product quality do go up, our reputation will be good, ERALED tomorrow will be much better.

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