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Outdoor LED display loading of a few big reason not

In the use of outdoor LED display, often appear unable to load phenomenon. The LED display manufacturers the treasure from the following several aspects of electronic to analysis the LED display loading not the reason.
1, to check whether jump line hat off or loose; If jump line hat without loosing phenomenon, please ensure that the correct direction of jumper cap.
2, check and monitor used in connection with the controller for serial line direct line, not cross line.
3, check and make sure the serial connections in good condition and no loose ends or falls off phenomenon.
4, controlled the LED display control software and the selection of their control to choose the right product card types, the right of transmission, the right number of serial port, the correct rate and control software serial transmission provided to dial the code switch figure correctly set on the hardware of control system of the address bits and serial transmission rate.
5, and ensure that the hardware of control system has right to electricity.
6, such as through above check and adjusted still appear on loading not, please using a multimeter to measure, whether the linked computer or the hardware of control system of the serial port is damaged. To confirm whether they should be sent back computer manufacturer or will control system hardware back detection.
In short, the LED display loading not normal reasons, may is the product itself, may be you in use process that caused by improper operation. As long as serious consideration or ask for any manufacturer, it is easy to find the cause of the problem.

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