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LED screens the development history and characteristics


ED a big screen, is both electronic led display the nickname, the screen here speak, only refers to the full color LED display screen.

Electronic led display screen is the collection of microelectronics technology, electronic technology, computer technology and information processing technology in one large display system. It through certain control mode, to display text, graphics, image, animation, prices, the video, video signals, etc, all kinds of information LED device of array display screen. With its colourful, dynamic range, high brightness, long service life, stable performance and become the best of show media, widely used in advertising, securities, information dissemination, press conference, transportation induced, stadium events, stage Settings, is the international very advanced show media.

The historical evolution of the display method

The traditional white product lamp, can't overcome its great power consumption, short life of the defect, neon lights, advertising light box, plane signs advertising is painted, but change drab, more will not play video image advertising; Magnetic counterpart although can be borrowed computer assembly simple design, but their own do not have to send the light source, the night the use effect of the poor. In recent years, along with the microelectronics technology, automation technology, the rapid development of computer technology, production process and the application of new materials update, make LED chips brightness, life got at breakneck speed, and thus makes its application field increasingly broad, so the LED display market get considerable development. 93 years later, the super bright blue, red and green light tube, the emergence of make true color screen realization become fact, outdoor LED display get people love, especially in sports venues, advertising, news and other areas of application is extensive. From the future development trends look, at present has video of the effect of several media, its performance advantage each has his strong point:

The cathode tube or quartz tube large TV: cost is very expensive and usually can only do the 37 inches, volume again big will be limited in don't need large picture and in indoor use, the results are ideal.
Color LCD joining together wall: the same is expensive, circuit complex, the area is not too big, and the influence of the perspective by very large, and the visual Angle is very small, but the picture is exquisite, visual feeling good.
Image projector equipment: brightness small, articulation poor (picture by light not uniform), the advantage is convenient installation and easy maintenance.
TV wall: surface is moving, on the vision foreign body sensation, outdoor application effect difference in brightness, is not suitable for representing text, but TV pictures indoor performance effect is good.
LED screen smaller space limitation, and can be designed according to user requirements of the size of the screen, with full color effects, the characteristics of large Angle, can say words, design, image (including animation and video).
The rapid economic development in our country, the dissemination of information have more and more high demand. Believe in the near future, LED screens with its colorful, display information, long life, small power consumption, light weight, small size, high stability, space, easy to operate, easy to install and maintain characteristics in the social economy development will play more and more important role.

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