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LED large screen quality can be guaranteed

With the improvement of human living standards and advances in technology, LED large screen in the community has been more widely, however, purchase a large LED screen, how to ensure good application of LED big screen? LED large screen to guarantee the quality of several factors, what does?

First, the complexity of temperature on the large LED screen. LED display on the ambient temperature is very critical, theoretically at 25 ℃ or so, the state of the ideal. But in fact, the outdoor screen in the application of the ambient temperature is quite complex, the summer maximum temperature above 60 ℃, the lowest winter temperature may be below -20 ℃, this fluctuating temperature on the quality of the LED screen have a great impact. Under different temperature conditions, the decay and fall of the brightness of the red, green, blue three lights are different, at 25 ℃, the white balance is normal, but at 60 ℃, three-color LED brightness decline, and the attenuation values ​​are inconsistent, so will have the entire screen brightness down and cast the phenomenon, the entire screen quality will drop, and high temperatures, LED screen in the IC because of the high temperature result in instability, or different drift arising from the difference between the current or on-chip channel too large and cause visible corruption. Said constant temperature is very important.

Second is the importance of power. Power under different temperature conditions, job stability, the output voltage with a load capacity will be different, because it is responsible for logistics support role, so its ability to protect the direct impact on the quality of the screen. Performance and stability, the power supply prices of different brands and specifications are also considerable differences. Choice, we must pay attention to matching the power and performance.

The last cabinet design for the display is very important, on the one hand, the circuit protective effects, on the other hand, the security role, as well as dust and waterproof. But more importantly, the thermal loop ventilation system design is good, with the boot time extension and outside temperature, the thermal drift of the components will increase, resulting in poor image quality. Good ventilation and heat dissipation design is an essential indicator of the cabinet design.

However, for some high-profile LED large-screen enterprise, depending on the brand for life, not easily hurt their brand image in order to short-term interest. Therefore, the choice of LED big screen is the best choice for the well-known brands. The above points are important factors to ensure the LED display, and hope that the majority of customers to draw.

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