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LED industry division more and more fine, technology is more and more professional


With the ascension of the science and technology and automation equipment to use, the LED industry technical level also greatly improved, the LED display industry structure in China in recent years gradually and the international community happened a qualitative change, specialization gradually formed in the industry, the LED display manufacturers, sellers market channels, project installation service operators, etc. Various kinds of professional enterprise have been established, a clear division, the close cooperation, development and win-win situation are forming. Such professional specialization, although the LED industry points more and more fine, but LED to do better, enterprise and to promote the healthy development of the whole industry has a positive meaning.

At present, in the public place, both inside and outside the door LED display commonly used for advertising, promotional activities information, social legal system information promotion and and various dynamic pictures, rich and colorful picture content, make people feel the pulse of the society at any time. Another LED electronic display screen or the best display road traffic information carrier of, often used in airports, railway stations, highway, subway, local railway vehicle information publicity, of transportation scheduling, etc. At the same time the LED display also widely used in sports venues, due to watch sports venues distance, environmental high brightness, at present only LED electronic display to meet the special requirements, and ensure that the audience get clear, bright color images, brings infinite visual enjoyment.

LED screens with outstanding advantage become the mainstream of flat-panel displays one of the products, at present had penetrated into people all aspects of life, is widely used in various fields, and some of the areas include:

Securities trading, financial information display. This field of screen up to 2008 years ago LED display domestic demand above 50%, there are large demand.

Airport flight dynamic information display. Aviation airport construction of information display for very clear, the LED display real-time changes is that the first choice of dwelling flight system products.

Port, the station the train passengers information display. To electronic display screen as the main body of information system and radio system, train ticket information system, departure reveals system to form a passenger transport hub of automation system, as the railway station, bus station and port technology development and the important content of the reform.

Sports information display. LED products the LED screen as race information display stadium and game play live the main method has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT display, in modern sports venues become necessary game facilities.

Road traffic information display. The rise of intelligent transportation system, in effect, the city expressway and other fields, the LED screen as a variable induced traffic information board, the speed limit, get the universal use.

Scheduling command center information display. Power dispatch, vehicle dynamic tracking, vehicles, such as the high management, also gradually to the high density of LED electronic screen.

The postal service, telecommunications, mall shopping center service areas such as business promotion and information display.

Advertising media of new products. In addition to a single large indoor, outdoor full-color LED display advertising media as the cluster display advertising system, train display advertising publishing system also has been adopted and are promoting.

The performance and the party and other activities. Large LED display more and more common for public and political purpose of the video games live, and important activities, the stars concert, as in our country founds a 60 years of daqing, American crossroads of the world, all over the world to celebrate one thousand years of the new, large screen in the broadcast live and advertising information release plays the role of excellence.

In a word, today the LED display industry division already more and more the fine, technology is also more and more professional.

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