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LED electronic display need to pay attention to safety

Recently in order to improve the safety display screen, China security experts to all the enterprise explain LED electronic display the problem. With China's industry development in all the big cities of the streets and lanes screen rise more slowly. In this respect can reflect the industry development speed is so fast. But there is a problem for the public but brought doubt, that is the LED electronic display will not bring any security? For example said traffic safety. If is the road nearby LED electronic display screen brightness to have a good control, if brightness moderate, you can give pedestrians and vehicles to bring convenience, but if the electronic screen too bright, cause before can't see the street in the center of the yellow line, the results can mixed up with the yellow line, and is the department store LED screen, some films in the night is wonderful film, it is time for the convenience of our customers, but the pedestrians and vehicles from there, all don't consciously to slow down or stop looked up for a while, the results of a LengShen kung fu, he and others of the vehicle happened scratching.

It is reported the advertisement law and the urban management department relevant measures for the administration of outdoor advertising set, they began to nearly two years LED screen advertising does not to make the standard. And electronic display screen not set in the road, but set in the streets of the building body, not touch the traffic laws, this also is the traffic police at a loss what to do. A road traffic police think, cars headlamps to complete the eye stimulate is just a moment, however electronic display screen but continuous stimulation of your eyes. Although will soon recover, but traffic accidents often is in zero point zero seconds of time. He thinks, outdoor LED display set position and light intensity standard, really should be put on the agenda.

For LED screens, it is the crystallization of the social technology progress, but according to the reflection of citizens, the security hidden danger does not negligible. According to concerning citizens reflect the LED electronic display set to certain Angle, have the right height, let people passing by appreciation, need not driving the driver note, such already beautification the city, and dissemination of information, also do not affect the driver driving; The LED display can according to the sky brightness automatic adjust display gray, outdoor full-color LED display, can according to the sky brightness to automatically adjust the gray series, if the screen manufacturer in technology and related department to do this, I believe we can reduce some of the accidents.

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