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LED electronic display maintenance new secret


In daily life, we often see LED electronic display appearance bright, the picture only beautiful side, perhaps do not know these external beautiful, clear pictures of beautiful LED screen is always need to maintain, will maintain its service life and beautiful.

LED electronic display screen and we normally use electronic products such as computers, mobile phones, in use in use process not only need to pay attention to method, still need to maintain a maintenance, then can make the screen more long service life, the screen brightness and color to maintain the original state. We may see some in outdoor LED display appear take screen, or die lamp, the twinkle of the phenomenon, on the one hand, the reason is because some LED display manufacturers in order to control the production cost, in the work on the material shrink, which LED to the minority of some products in advance to the aging accessories; On the other hand is caused by the core LED, some raw material itself attenuation of life; In addition also is an important reason is due to improper use users and cause, the problem often failure to display more common.

Today ERALED released LED electronic display maintenance new secret, the hope can help customers solve them in use screen encountered in the process of some simple questions.

1, keep LED electronic display using the environment humidity, don't let anyone with the nature of the moisture things into the LED display. Especially the indoor the LED display, indoor display general waterproof level can be low, if the humidity too much to enter the body, will cause the LED screens, electric, which can lead to big screen parts corrosion, then cause permanent damage.

2, full color LED display screen big screen and our users' most close relations, do the clean maintenance is very necessary. Long time exposed outdoor environment the wind and sun, dust and easy to show soil, a time down, the screen is certainly a piece of dust, it needs to be cleaned in case the dust long time influence parcel watch effect.

3, clean screen and wipe gently as possible, the possibility of the damage to the minimum.

4, the led display big screen surface can use alcohol to wipe, or using the brush, cleaner for dust removal, not directly wipe with wet cloth.

5, power supply power to stability, and grounding protection is good, the natural conditions in bad weather especially strong lightning don't use, or avoid installation measures.

6, pay attention to the LED display switch order:

First open the control computer to normal after the operation and open display screen.
Turn off the screen, then shut down the computer.
7, screen is strictly prohibited in water, iron powder easily conductive metal. The led display big screen as far as possible in the environment of low placed dust, large dust will display effect of impact, and at the same time the dust of circuit too much can cause damage. If for any variety of reasons, water, please immediately without electricity and contact maintenance personnel, until the screen display board in dry, to use.

8, suggest the led display big screen time to rest more than 2 hours every day, in the rainy season led big screen a week at least use more than once. General monthly at least open screen time, light 2 hours or more.

9, played when not long in full white, and the red, green, and blue all all the bright screen, lest cause too much electricity, the power cord fever is too large, LED lamp damage, influence screen using life. Do not remove, joining together at screen body!

10, regular check the LED display is normal operation, the line is damaged, if don't work to change in time, the line have to repair or replace damaged in time. Display internal line, everyday people banned touch, so as not to get an electric shock, or cause line damage; If appear problem, ask professional personage to repair.

The above is ERALED after-sales technical support given simple advice, if you have more questions, please contact ERALED after-sales service department.

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