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LED display screen application fire prevention technology analysis

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, China LED display industry maintained high speed growth, industrial scale unceasingly expands, the technology constantly, market share from 1993 to now, with an average growth rate of 40% in continuous growth, however, on April 2, 2012 from Hong Kong hotel sudden herein jun fires events for the LED industry knocked a warning: in this industry high-speed development and at the same time, the LED screen security applications technology still save short board, LED products are again and standardization of the agenda. Especially LED display screen fire safety technical application is focus, so today we see is lead small make up what factors will affect the safety of the display screen fire problems.

The display screen fire prevention technology to the quality of the main and the display screen of raw material, the technology of fire prevention has great relevance.

Fire prevention raw materials mainly include the display screen of the internal use wire rod, the power supply, the external protection structure fire materials and plastic package these four aspects:

The first point: in most of the display screen applications, the display screen unit area of the greater the show, its power consumption, the greater the stability of power wire has higher requirements. Many wire products, the use of the accord with gb wire can ensure that the stability safety, the requirements are three: wire core for copper wire conductive carrier, wire core sectional area in the standard range tolerance values, package of rubber wire core of insulation and flame retardancy up to standards, compared with the general copper coated aluminium wire core, wire core cross-sectional area slants small, insulating rubber level not enough wire, electricity more stable performance, not easy to short circuit happened;

The second point: by UL authentication of the power supply products is also choose the best choice of similar products, the effective conversion can ensure that the power supply load security and stability, in the external environment temperature hot case, also can work normally;

The third point: in the display screen external protection structure material, the market higher level of fire display screen products are mostly using fire prevention aluminum-plastic plate, the watery excellent resistance, fire retardant sex is extremely strong, core material special material oxygen aging performance is very strong also, melting temperature of 135 ℃, 300 ℃ temperature decomposition frequency, environmental protection performance, low smoke non-halogen, accord with SGS, and flame retardancy B-S1, d0, use standard UL94 prearcing, reference, GB / 8624-2006. The general outdoor the display screen products with high temperature aluminum-plastic plate, rain cold and hot shock aging faster, so that in the humid climate season section, dew or rain can seep into the screen body internal cause short-circuit electronic components fire;

4: the display screen raw material and fire protection is an important part, that is plastic package, plastic package is mainly unit module of the use of material mask pan, main use is a flame retardant materials function of the PC + glass fiber materials, not only has the flame retardant function, can be in more in high temperature and use for a long time, not deformation, not become brittle cracking, and combining with the sealing good glue use, can effectively prevents the external environment of rain through into internal cause a short circuit fires.

In addition to internal raw materials will affect fire prevention effect, external configuration and design also is very important, but the external configuration mainly involves the heat to fire, in the display screen will also work with platoon fan and air conditioning in the screen body internal cooling cooling, suggest every 8-10 square assembly 1 P air conditioning guarantee screen keeps the temperature of the normal body temperature, air conditioning or platoon fan configuration is not in place will cause the heat processing is not even, easy to cause the due to the temperature ascending and cause screen body internal security hidden danger. While many LED lighting enterprise in the case of protection grade test, just simple simulated in the external environment spray waterproof test, waterproof, durability and strength to effect on textual research, therefore creates in the display screen product use after period of time has porous happens, this is the display screen easily outdoor fire or use the important reason for the short life. In dealing with a thunderstorm weather, screen device is also avoid lightning arrester body trueshot and body internal device screen burn out the necessary tools, can directly into the ground lightning, and will not affect the body to screen.

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