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Interpretation of the LED display control system asynchronous control mode


The LED display control mode has two, one is synchronous control mode, and the second is asynchronous control mode. Synchronous control mode is to point to: the LED screen displayed the content of the computer screen, is the real-time changes; Asynchronous control mode is the LED screen display has been sent in the card of fixed content. So synchronous control more commonly used way full-color LED display, while asynchronous control mode single redundant color display, but also can control the area is lesser, transmission distance is near full color LED display screen.

Asynchronous means is to show the LED display with storage and automatic playback ability, in the PC edit good words and no gray image through a serial port or other network interface to the LED display, and then by the LED display offline automatic playback, generally no more grayscale display ability, mainly for the show text and simple graphical information, can screen networking.

Master PC will need to display information and all kinds of control command through serial communication way into the LED display screen inside control panel, the LED display screen panel contains single-chip microcomputer and within the memory, the screen will be in control panel information storage, then according to the command to display in the LED display.

Asynchronous graphic LED display which mainly includes:

1. Adapter PC using a serial port RS232 agreement through RS232-RS485 adapter online, adapter for light every type.

2. Single cable (four core) adopted four wire: a pair of difference twisted-pair cable receive, the other pair difference twisted-pair cable sent. Communication distance of 1200 meters. The main line networking structure, with the biggest in 32 bit machine.

3. The panel receiving PC through serial communication way to display information transmission and all kinds of control command, control panel contains single-chip microcomputer and memory, the screen will be in control board information storage, then according to the command to display on the screen. Features below:

The longitudinal points within 128, horizontal points for up to 2000 points. If the longitudinal for 16 points, transverse can reach 4000 points.
The large capacity storage support dictionaries and a large number of Chinese characters 12 word-model proprietary font, storage capacity of 16.
Has the calendar real time clock function.
When the power information can be in control card save 1 year.
4. LED graphic display control protocol

This agreement support dot-matrix monochrome, double colors graphic networking LED display.
Support the TCP/IP protocol transmission.
PC using a serial port RS232 agreement the adapter conversion online.
Networking form for main line, PC for PC, a machine for the LED display panel within the microcontroller. The four wire, online agreement for RS485.
5. The upper machine was made special communication software LED display LED program was compiled software, accord with LED graphic display control protocol. Meet different pieces lengths, different width of the monochrome or double colors LED display text and graphics editor of programs and broadcast.

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