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Influence of key factors LED display quality

The LED display on the environment temperature is very picky. In theory in room temperature 25 degrees Celsius, the working state the most ideal. But in fact, outdoor led screen in the application of environmental temperature is very complex, the highest temperature in summer May 60 degrees Celsius above, and in the winter the lowest temperature 20 degree Celsius in-may be. Leds, IC work efficiency and performance is not consistent, brightness is not consistent, screen the whole body that also naturally become spent. In different temperature condition, red, green, and blue three lamp brightness attenuation and drop is different, in 25 degrees Celsius, the white balance is normal, but in 60 degrees centigrade 3 kinds of color brightness declined, and its attenuation values are not consistent, so will produce the whole screen brightness down and partial color phenomenon, the whole screen quality will fall. And IC? IC range of operating temperatures is-40 degrees Celsius-85 degrees Celsius. Because outside the temperature too high and lead to the cabinet temperature, if the temperature in the cabinet more than 85 degrees Celsius, the IC is because the temperature too high and lead to work is not stable, or WenPiao, which varies between channel current or piece of large difference between to spend screen. Domestic companies are trying to display design, process a lot of improvement, and can effectively control the outside environment temperature on the final screen effect of the LED display as possible in all kinds of complicated conditions can perfect display.

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