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In 2012, the LED display upgrade technology new trend


Just ending in February from the guangzhou 8 th international LED exhibition, we can see that in 2012 the LED display technology to upgrade the trend appears. Main with deft, ultra-thin, energy saving, alien, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, with the development of technology and the difference of the demand, the LED display manufacturers also constantly upgrading products. Overall, 2012 LED display technology gradually appeared several development trend.

1, light and super-thin

According to the current market observation, 20 CM thick class since the world still has a large amount of screen. The LED display application field more and more widely, there exists the security hidden danger is more and more big, the overweight, installation is convenient, etc are blocking the part of the customers' needs. So ultra-thin LED became most factories and customers pursuit.

2, the energy conservation, the environmental protection

The LED screen main rivalry is not only the thickness, but also include more economic, energy saving power consumption, more great graphics. 1 week, larger screen power consumption also many, how to help the clients to save electricity, also became the factory must be able to solve the problem. Another radiation, brightness become today people concern.

3, different screen

LED screen in recent years of market more or less, we all see some, such as arc screen, elliptic, and so on screen, but circle screen you must be very rare. This year's guangzhou LED show appeared this screen. Believe, as people of different needs, people on the LED display all aspects continuously improve the requirements, the future will have more and more different screen.

4, installation, operation on the simple

Before the LED display install complex, customer bewildered, installation is to complete a project traders. And this year, also appeared a few easy installation screen, such as Wallace sharp photoelectric this year roll out ceremoniously piranhas die casting aluminum box products, installation and more convenient, meet hoisting, fold outfit requirements, we can achieve a variety of different application occasion, meet a variety of application requirements.

Believe that, with the development of technology and demand of ascension, and the future of the LED display technology will move on to a new stage. Wallace sharp photoelectric continuously adhere to the technological transformation, and innovation for development, every year out a lot of new products. From last year's LED light box screen, the color screen panel, to February this year guangzhou LED of an exhibition on the ogre fish die casting aluminum box products, has been walking in front LED industry.

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