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How to solve the LED display four technical problems

You mentioned the LED display is not new, usually in the station, shopping mall, square, auditorium, airports, building is everywhere and should be widely. According to statistics, China's current accounts for the largest LED display international market, and for of China's shenzhen's largest LED the market. But to solve the LED display technology problem, a lot of people think are simple, but the truly solve the LED display technology problem, the following four aspects is most persuasive, most authoritative practice has proved, for all to share.
First is high photosynthetic efficiency: for the LED display efficiency can say is an important index energy saving effect, at present our country efficacy in effect remains to be strengthening, to really to do high photosynthetic efficiency, from industrial chain each link on solving related technical problems, so how to achieve high photosynthetic efficiency? This paper will specific vying for the extension, chip, encapsulation, lamps and lanterns several links to solve technical problems are discussed.
1. Raise the efficiency and the quantum in quantum efficiency.
2. Improve the encapsulation efficiency and reduce the light and temperature.
3. Improve the efficiency of the lamps take light.
Second from high show color sex to see: the LED display light color quality many, including color temperature, color rendering, light color fidelity, light color naturalness, tonal recognition degrees, visual comfort, etc. Here we currently only discuss solutions to color mild show color sex. To make high color rendering the LED display light source, will lose more lights, so in the design to take care of the two factors. Of course to improve high show color sex must also be considered RGB three colors to realize the combination. This way I also third kind of method:
1. Many different schemes.
2. RGB multichip combination.
3. Phosphor add chip.
Again, on the high reliable from: mainly including the failure rate, the life of the index. But in the application is different understanding and described. High reliability refers to products under prescribed conditions and within the time required, complete the required function ability. LED the major categories have serious failure failure and parameter failure. But life is the reliability of the product characterization value: generally refers to a statistical average, for large components is concerned, LED the life of the device is the meaning of this description. But the impact of the LED display products factors of reliability have chip manufacturing, packaging, thermal resistance, heat dissipation, etc. Now that said this, hope the enterprise to the LED display products in the implementation of the comprehensive quality control, and on the basis of do two requirements:
1. Reduce failure rate.
2. Failure time extended loss.
The last in the lower product cost: at present a lot of consumer is buying the LED display time think the price is too high, so a lot of this dispute LED display entrepreneurs also took the corresponding measures, to reduce costs in addition to the mass production, mainly from the technical measures to be taken to reduce the cost method and way. Mainly in the extension of the chip, sealing, drive, heat dissipation, etc to reduce cost, thus fundamentally solve the led display the cost of the product. Concrete from the following four aspects about:
1. The extension of the chip link cost reduction methods.
2. Encapsulation link cost reduction methods.
3. Lamps link cost reduction methods.
4. Other supporting cost reduction
Above is mainly from high photosynthetic efficiency, high color rendering, high reliability and low cost four technology to solve the LED display of the main technical and adopt corresponding measures, total and overall, except through the new technology, new technology, new structures and new materials and other measures realize LED display high photosynthetic efficiency, high color rendering, high reliability and low cost outside, from deep view, should will improve energy efficiency and light color quality as the requirement of the LED display, and really provide people with the needs of the products.

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