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How to judge the quality of full color LED display screen good or bad


Now the market full-color LED display is everywhere, the LED display of several manufacturers also, want to buy a satisfactory screen actually not difficult also, but to make decisions, but it is the most numerous customers headache problem. Today the photoelectric will teach you how to exceed sharp judge a display screen quality is good or bad, which bought the right products.

In fact a full-color LED display can mainly be good or bad from the following several aspects to sign:

1. The consistency of the color

Color consistency is to point to the LED display to the color reducing, already screen pictures showed the colour of the body to play the colour of source and keep highly consistent, so that we can guarantee the image of the realism.

2. Flatness

Screen body surface smoothness to degree is obtai mm in less than, in order to ensure that the display image not distortions, local convex or recession can lead to screen viewing angles appear blind Angle. The stand or fall of flatness mainly by production process decision. If production work clothes control of good, can avoid this kind of phenomenon development.

3. Have Mosaic, dead spots phenomenon

Mosaic is to point to to appear on screen ChangLiang or often black small four square, already module necrosis phenomenon, the main reason for the display of low quality connectors. Dead point is to point to the LED display that appeared on the ChangLiang or often black single point, how many of the dead spots mainly by the quality of the core tube to decide. Choice of core high-end tube, like Japan and sharp, etc, families not only guaranteed quality, but also will be longer service life.

4. Brightness and visual Angle

Indoor full color LED the brightness of the screen in 800 CD/m2, outdoor a full color brightness to in the 1500 CD/m2, to guarantee the normal work of the display screen, otherwise, it will for brightness is too low and can't see the image shown. The size of the brightness mainly by the core LED to the quality of the decision. The size of the visual Angle of the display of the audience directly determine how much, so the bigger the better. The size of the visible Angle mainly by the core encapsulation way to decide. Choose good packaging manufacturer also is very important, so customers who LED display, be sure to ask the core packaging manufacturer. But high-end, costs will increase, so the screen accordingly prices will also be higher.

5. White balance effect

White balance screen effect is one of the most important indicators. Red, green, blue color science on the proportion of primary colors for 1:4. Lost. 16 will show the pure white, if the actual ratio off a little bit can appear white balance deviation, general should pay attention to whether white biased blue, partial yellow-green phenomenon. The stand or fall of white balance mainly by the display control system to decide, the core to the color reducing may also be affected.

6. Have color piece

Color piece is refers to the adjacent between modules are with clear off color, the color of the transition to module for unit, cause color piece by control system is mainly phenomenon is poorer, gray level is not high, scan lower frequency cause.

Clear up these problems, believe you are choosing the LED display, won't because don't know display screen and thrown into a position.

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