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How to guarantee the technical process LED display quality

In recent years, although the LED display in the outdoor media advertising field of applied more and more, but there are also a problem. Many enterprises invested in technology is too big lead to the LED display price is too high, that LED to the cost of advertising screen also is too high, and lead to the LED from the expansion of the market. Now, how to guarantee the LED display technology up quality at the same time and reduce the cost of many enterprise to the attention that and that need the following technology control security LED display quality:

1, design drive circuit

If the drive circuit of poor design, can appear the LED display of brightness LED around than among low, will give the overall picture cause uneven effect, some place very bright, some place very dark, the picture is uneven brightness. Drive circuit design the LED display on the module driver circuit board drive IC arrangement will also affect the LED lighting. Due to the driver IC output current PCB transmission distance too far. The normal working voltage LED to influence its brightness is reduced, will find that the LED display module of brightness LED around than among low. So to ensure the consistency of the screen brightness, be about to design good drive circuit distribution will find the LED display module of brightness LED around than among low. So to ensure the consistency of the screen brightness, be about to design good drive circuit distribution.

2, anti-static LED display

For antistatic LED display makers must do well enough that measures. All kinds of the electricity set must do a, but also to check regularly. Antistatic LED show electronic assembly plant and screen should have a good anti-static measure. Special anti-static, anti-static floor, antistatic soldering pen, prevent static radio pad, anti-static ring, anti-static garments, humidity control, equipment grounded are the basic requirements, and to use the static radiometer periodically. Workshop production personnel must wear a static electricity each hand ring, wear dustproof shoe covers and anti-static garments.

3, LED lamp to mix

The same kind of color different brightness LED to the mix, the word program if a problem can lead to appear on screen brightness in local different situation, directly affect the LED display show effect. To ensure the consistency of each color brightness, mix light this step is very important.

4 and false welding, virtual welding, leakage welding problem

When the LED display not bright, the most likely scenario because false welding, virtual welding, leakage caused by welding. This includes many ways, so the details must be done well in production, the manufacturer must also make strict inspection.

5, LED the calorific value

Usually, the largest use current LED not higher than the 80% standard 20 MA, if is some small screen space must reduce the current value.

6, outdoor straight into LED lights and PCB perpendicularity

A small deviation will directly affect the brightness of the LED consistency. Can lead to appear not consistent color piece, it will influence the mask of flatness. Straight in LED lighting with wave soldering welding in perpendicular to the PCB is required before. The workshop is still need of personnel entering and leaving a air shower room.

7, a PCB soldering temperature and time control

Preheat temperature 100 ℃ ± 5 ℃, highest do not exceed 120 ℃, and the temperature rising demand smoothly, welding temperature of 245 ℃ ± 5 ℃, the welding time suggested that not more than 3 seconds, avoid by all means vibration or impact after furnace LED, until the state in normal temperature. Higher temperature can influence the attenuation LED speed and stability, heat dissipation design work LED will fever. So PCB design of the cooling, ventilation cooling design will affect the LED emerge.

8, the LED display performance of radiator

If the LED display of the cooling performance is poor, the temperature too high for the stability of the words LED influential, go down for a long time will make the led screen and accelerating performance attenuation. So in this aspect, must to do well the PCB design and the cooling of the cooling ventilation.

The LED display technology on every step is the processing of detail, in detail, the better to do, LED display quality is better. ERALED since its inception, has been concentrating on YuQuanCai LED display research and development and production, and the process, ERALED from research to production, each link is strictly guarded, until a full-color LED display quality in the first place.

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