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Full color LED display screen control system

A, function and characteristics of the control system

1, support DVI display card: meet DVI display card directly

2, single cable transmission: a standard super five kinds of cable transmission 1280 * 512 pixels or 1024 * 640 pixels

3, big belt bearing: a full color master card with the maximum 1280 x 1024 pixels

4, yituo multi-function: a full color master card can take any number accept card (both of more than any led screen, can screen division)

5, a multi-purpose card, can be used in indoor screen also can be used in outdoor screen, 16, and he and support, so he, Saul and static screen body

6, support for long-distance transmission: the use of advanced data transmission technology, use the gigabit nets high data communications chips, anti-static, lightning, the support of the WuZhongJi long-distance transmission, transmission maximum distance of 130 meters, and achieve 100% data recovery.

7, stable and reliable: the four layers PCB and single piece of very large scale integrated circuit design, improve the stability and reliability of the system.

8, the picture quality perfect: no distortion of the multimedia video card or receiving DVI display card output 24 Bit RGB digital signals. Frame frequency and DVI display card the same, minimum for 60 frames.

Second, working principle

Support PCI > communication and RS-232 serial interface communication: DVI card interface of video data output, then through the standard of super five kinds of cable (or optical fiber) output to the LED screen at the back of the body scanning board, scanning the board will again at various levels of video data output to gray LED display.

Three, system composition

DVI interfaces, computer graphics and master card-super full-color five kinds of cable and optical fiber receiving card-screen-the audience customers

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