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Explore LED traffic induction in urban road traffic screen the application


With the development of science and technology and economy of ascension, the face of the city is more and more new change, road traffic also with the change. At present, we in the expressway or traffic intersection can be used to indicate the information LED display, say again traffic induction screen. In intelligent transportation system of research and development, installation LED screen is to solve the traffic congestion, and ensure that traffic safety, improve traffic network use one of the principal means of efficiency. The LED screen displays real time traffic can be induced by road traffic information, so as to guide the circulation of vehicles, reasonable control and balanced traffic flow distribution, improve the utilization rate of existing roads, for driving fast driving safety personnel to provide good service.

LED by road traffic panel is a common sign board and variable information symbol of combination of multi-function information LED display. According to the induction in LED screen layout is divided into local LED screen and LED the induction induction screen, local LED to represent the whole screen induction road line outline of graphics to supply the way ahead to the road, and has the function of the signpost, in static graphics symbol sections of regional Mosaic LED light band variable, to denote the fixed sections road conditions.

LED screen to exert its induction entrainment generally need to the following several system coordination treatment: one is the basic traffic information collection and processing; 2 it is the road traffic misleading information generation; Three is induced by road traffic information release.

A, basic traffic information acquisition and processing

Basic transportation information and the static and dynamic information can be divided into two kinds of information. Dynamic information refers to changes with time traffic data, such as road traffic, average speed, congestion state, accident state, etc, generally comes from all kinds of pavement detector, such as annular coil, microwave detector, video detector, beacon vehicles, or artificial report, such as the telephone to call the police, traffic patrols reports. Static information refers to the way of the changes with time situation data, such as road map information, electronic and all kinds of traffic management, detector control equipment installation and configuration information, etc. Traffic information collection of based on detection equipment, including ring coil, microwave detector, video detector, beacon vehicles, GPS vehicle record information, etc.

Second, the road traffic induced the information the production

Road traffic information according to generate the generation of induced artificially and automatic way is divided into two. Artificially induced information generation, is by the traffic management personnel according to traffic and road conditions, combined with the experience of the past, select the appropriate misleading information, artificial input system, this is induced traffic information system low-level use way. Misleading information of the automatic generation of, is intelligent traffic misleading information the core of the system, which is based on the dynamic traffic flow distribution of optimal control model and algorithm, the traffic flow predictive model and algorithm, etc. Various kinds of complicated traffic analysis model and algorithm, the computer software automatically generate misleading information, this is induced traffic information system more advanced way of using.

Three, the road traffic misleading information release

Induce according to the information of the receiver information release different, and then released. Induction screen release system according to the type of screen induction, size, and how much of the screen points into several kinds, separately to the road LED display release misleading information, this also is now widely development and adoption of the induced traffic information released to the main way.

But at present, the LED screen also induced traffic, there are certain flaws, from traffic information collection and processing to induce the formation of traffic information to induce the release of information, no matter which link all need time and more complex operation, an error and release delay is the traditional induction of information system of the ills, now of the induction system needs a more convenient and more rapid processing. This needs the control center through the GPRS or optical fiber will preset information to induce screen control system in the memory, and the local LED the induced LED screen, control software and the control mode has essential difference in different induction wrote in the screen the relevant control software, which can be induced by the central control screen, can also be through the police on duty directly control. The main section of the city during the rush hours there have been police on duty, through the police traffic information directly collection, the scene generation misleading information, through the remote control control came near to induce screen content, timely, accurate and fast. The first time gives the traffic flow control, can more efficiently tap vehicles, alleviate traffic.

Because a lot of large and medium cities developed rapidly, and the cars on the road traffic more and more crowded, for drivers blazed a uncrowded roads, can largely ease traffic pressure, display image intuitive, depending on the recognition of time is relatively short, information, can be not familiar with the pilot of the advantages of road traffic induction LED display, in the urban roads and the main lines of road is crowded areas of road network is more and more important role.

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