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Energy saving design LED screen is an important step to LED heat dissipation


Now the energy conservation, environmental protection, green concept of life already thorough popular feeling, energy-saving products is also more and more, and even the hottest LED industry also is such. We are now often see so-and-so makers offer energy-saving LED display, then the energy saving the LED display really energy saving it, then decided to display the energy saving of the factors are those? Let us look at the ERALED engineering technical analysis.

The LED display energy saving is nothing but the most people care about, and save electricity, then it's relationship to the LED the problems and heat power LED. LED to better solve the circuit design heat, LED and some high power IC need to use aluminum PCB.

Aluminum plate by circuit PCB layer (copper foil layer), thermal insulating layer and metal grassroots composition. Circuit layer of great demand current-carrying capacity, which should be used in the thick copper foil, thickness generally 35 μ m ~ 280 μ m; Thermal insulating layer is PCB aluminum plate is the core technology, it is often filled with special ceramic special polymer structure, small heat resistance, viscoelastic can good, have the ability of thermal aging, to withstand mechanical and thermal stress. IMS-h01-2, IMS-H02 and LED-0601, the high performance PCB aluminum plate heat insulating layer is used this technology, make its have extremely good thermal conductivity and high strength of electrical insulation; Metal grassroots is aluminum plate support components, should have high thermal conductivity, general is aluminum, also can use copper (including COINS can provide better thermal conductivity), suitable for drilling, shearing and cutting and conventional mechanical processing. Process requirement: gold-plated, spray tin, OSP antioxidant, heavy gold, lead-free ROHS process, etc.

Aluminum plate product features: insulating layer thin, small heat resistance; No magnetic; Heat dissipation good; High mechanical strength product standard thickness: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 0 mm copper foil thickness: 1.8 um 35 um 70 um 105 um 140 um features: high heat dissipation sex, electromagnetic shielding sex, high mechanical strength, processing excellent performance. Purpose: power LED special mixed IC cracking (HIC).

Aluminum plate is bearing LED and heat transfer device, heat or on the main area, concentrated heat conduction can choose high thermal conductivity plate, such as the United States, berger plank; Slow cooling domestic thermal or ordinary materials can. The price is large, berger, finished product probably need to produce plate 4000 multivariate square meters, homemade common materials is RMB 1000 square meters. LED generally use voltage is not very tall, choose 1 mil insulating layer thickness can be greater than 2000 V voltage.

Why should the thermal design?

The influence of temperature on the components: generally speaking, temperature resistance tolerance reduce; High temperature can reduce the service life of the capacitor; High temperature can make transformer, choke insulation material performance drop, general transformer, choke the permission of the lower than temperature 95 C; High temperature can also cause solder alloy structure change of IMC thickening, solder joint brittle, mechanical strength decreased; "The rise of temperature will make the transistor's current amplification in the rapid increase in collector current increase, and junction temperature rise further, eventually leading to the component failure.

Control all electronic components inside the product of temperature, make its are the environment where conditions not more than the standard and the standard prescribed by the highest temperature. The highest temperature computation should allow to stress analysis of the components for the foundation, and the reliability of the product requirements and assigned to each of the components is consistent failure rate.

LED by general cooling design fluid dynamics simulation software and do basic design.

Fluid flow resistance: because of the fluid viscous and solid boundary influence so that the fluid flow in process by resistance, the resistance called resistance to flow, can be divided into the frictional resistance and two local resistance.

Frictional resistance: in the process of constant along the border area, all of the process of fluid along polishing the resistance.
Local resistance: a sharp change in the border area, such as the expansion or suddenly narrow section suddenly, elbow and local position, is a fluid fluid state changes took place in the resulting from the resistance to flow.
Usually LED by radiator is natural cooling, the design of the radiator classified into three steps:

According to relevant constraints outline design office;
According to the relevant design criterion to radiator radiator tooth thickness, tooth shape, insert spacing, base plate thickness optimization;
Check out calculation;
Considering the natural cooling temperature when the boundary layer thicker, if insert spacing is too small, two tooth hot boundary layer easy cross, the influence of the tooth surface convection, so usually, suggest the natural cooling radiator insert spacing more than 12 mm, if less than 10 mm high gear radiator, according to insert spacing 1.2 times as high frequency tooth to determine the radiator insert spacing. Heat surface not to add advice tooth corrugated teeth.

Natural convection radiator surface generally USES black processing, in order to increase the surface heat radiation coefficient, strengthen the radiation heat transfer. Due to the natural convection heat balance longer, so natural convection radiator of the substrate and tooth thickness should be enough to fight the impact of the instantaneous heat load, the proposal is greater than 5 mm above. These are energy saving design LED display important factors, so in the LED display research and development production process will be considered.

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