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Door inside and outside the LED display of several common installation


Fixed installation (the most common installation) :

Wall hung: for indoor the LED display of the installation, general screen body more than 10 square meters with lesser area in the following, wall body requirement is solid wall; General hollow bricks or simple isolation are not suitable for the retaining wall installation way.
Sets pattern: is also applicable to the area is lesser indoor the LED display screen. Because install the space is lesser, in order not to take up the space is, according to the screen in wall body area size digging out the same size of the area, the screen embedded in the wall. Demand for solid wall wall. The previous maintained, cost is higher.
Exo: apply to the station, the airport and so on a large place instructions sign role. Request screen body area is lesser. (10 square meters) requirements must have appropriate installation site, such as a bar above or lintel place, and screen body in general to add back cover.
Type: mainly used for the installation of outdoor advertising LED screen, vision, more open place around, such as square, parking lot, etc. According to screen the size of body and can be divided into the single pillar and double the installation of the column.
Housetop type: mainly used in outdoor full-color LED display, the location of the building is the main roof, with the height of building increase to consider the wind levels will increase with.
Portable installation:

Stage the LED display installation: generally divided into mobile and hoisting two, according to the stage to choose different function.
The mobile LED display installation: mainly used in car LED display of the installation, with a portable lifting devices, lifting height can be adjusted according to customer needs.
Sports stadium LED surrounding screen:

Generally use more stent installation, the purpose is convenient installation and removal.

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