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Different types of display LED electronic difference and characteristics


And now, with LED the development of technology, LED electronic screen used more widely, according to the different application environment, the types of LED electronic screen is not the same. Then the present market screen how those sorts of? What is their characteristics and different?

A, according to the use of the environment to differentiate, with outdoor LED display, half an outdoor LED display and indoor the LED display three categories.

Outdoor screen: shine some big, the distance between pixels, high brightness, can work in the sun, wind, rainproof, have waterproof function, suitable for long distance to watch, apply more in flourishing street intersection, poured densest places like market, office wall, football field environment.
Half an outdoor screen: between indoor and outdoor between, do not prevent the rain, suitable for the lintel for information with guidance, the door of the gate of the place such as KTV;
Indoor display: shine a little, pixel dense spacing, suitable for a closer look at, application in the conference room, the stage, the hotel, the station waiting room and so on the indoor environment;
Second, according to the classification of color can be divided into monochrome screen: ChanGong or single green;

The monochrome screen: is the screen display a color picture body, ChanGong or light green.
Double color screen: screen body can display picture red and green, grey, can show a level 256 65536 colours;
Full-color display: light there are red, green, blue three kinds of color composition, level 256 full-color LED display of gray can show more than 1600 kinds of color.
Three, according to control or use means cent synchronous and asynchronous

Synchronous way: refers to the LED display way of working of the basic equivalent to the computer monitor, it with at least 30 games/SEC update rate little accordingly real-time computer monitors on the image of mapping, often with many shades of gray display ability, can achieve multimedia advertisement effect.
Asynchronous mode: the LED screen has storage and automatic playback ability, in the PC edit good words and no gray image through a serial port or other network interface to the LED screen, and then by the LED screen offline automatic playback, generally no more grayscale display ability, is mainly used to display information in words, can screen networking.
According to the pixel density or four, spacing to differentiate pixels

Indoor LED display density is commonly per square meter 111111 points, 62500 points, 40000 points, 27777 points, 17222 points, 15625 points, 10000 points. According to some distance PH3, PH4, divided into PH5, PH6, PH7.62, PH8, PH10.
Outdoor LED display density is commonly per square meter 1600 points, 2500 points, 3906 points, 6944 points, 10000 points, 15625 points and so on many kinds of specifications. According to some distance PH25, PH20, divided into PH16, PH12, PH10, PH8.
Five, according to display performance can be divided into

Video screen: general self-color LED display, display pixel by many leds composition, can show video, animation and so on various video files;
Graphic display: general for double color display, the display pixel to dot matrix modules, and is suitable for broadcast text and image information;
Market screen: general for digital tube or monochrome screen, and is suitable for making the clock screen, interest rates, and so on screen.
In addition the LED display if according to drive a way to have a static, constant current, vertical scrolling and text display.

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