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Design the led display screen body big hours and what are the problems should pay attention to


We often see or hear a piece of the LED display how many square meters, actually this how many square meters is not literally or going to, based on your own needs and use party manufacturer design and must come out. So in the factory in design screen body, should consider the following three issues.

The needs of the customers: the customer need to be that big screen;
Showing the contents of the need to: the customer wants to use the LED display do, play something;
Space condition: the installation of the screen the how much space, what is the environment;
The LED display unit template size (indoor the LED display) or the pixel size (outdoor LED display);
Ordinary LED display resolution is 480 generally the most do x 768 column. Special LED display can be more than the limit, the common means is to use two pieces of screen to combination to; The other is in high-speed circuit design chips, but cost is higher.

As for outdoor screen, the first to determine the pixel size. Pixel size of the selected should be taken into consideration besides of the above mentioned showing the contents of the need and the space outside factors should also be considered, stadia and installation position. If the installation position with the main body of the far horizon, the pixel size should be, the bigger the because the pixel size is larger, the glowing tube in pixels and the more brightness is higher, and the effective and the far horizon. But, the pixel size is larger, the unit in the area of the pixel resolution will be lower, and the content of the show is less.

And indoor use with design usually have the following dimensions:

φ 3.0 mm point spacing is 4.00 mm, screen size for maximum projectile about: 2.0 m (high) x 3 m
φ 3.75 mm point spacing is 4.75 mm, screen size for maximum projectile about: 2.5 m (high) x 4 m
φ 5.0 mm point spacing is 7.62 mm, screen size for maximum projectile about: 3.7 m (high) x 6 m
In the design of indoor geometry size, should with the size of the template based unit. A unit template for 32 general resolution do x 64 listed, that is, a total of 2048 pixels, the geometric size as follows:

φ 3.75 mm unit template for size: 152 mm (high) x 304 mm (wide)
φ 5 mm unit template for size: 244 mm (high) x 487 mm (wide)
Indoor screen size of in vitro frame can be determined according to the requirements, should be generally and screen size body in proportion. The size of the border is usually 5 cm-10 cm (each side).
So we for customers in the design of the project plan is, kept asking the needs of customers, use in where, how large area, use, and so on, these are all in an effort to put the plan to do better, for the customer design the perfect product solutions.

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