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From to today, LED display development is have mushroomed, instant greatly small manufacturers all over the country. Light is the LED display manufacturers Windows shenzhen than, each the LED display company will say that their products is good, the price also is uneven, let the customer is difficult to choice, that exactly how to choose? And ERALED below to you for the following analysis technology, can be for reference.

Many customers who LED display, often have an error, the majority of people believe that the main material of the LED screen LED, IC life are all up to 100000 hours, according to the 365 days per year, 24 hours/day operation, service life is more than 11 years, so the majority of customers only care about the famous with LED and IC. In fact this different is only necessary conditions, but not sufficient conditions, because red, green, blue three tubes of fair use, to display more important, for different color lamp, want to make the work in the best condition, for a good display screen will be more important. IC's reasonable adjustment, also helps to overcome the PCB's not reasonable wiring problems. Like a car with a good engine and control circuits, not necessarily be a good car. The main reasons are as follows:

Because leds, IC belong to semiconductor devices, they to the environment conditions of use requirements fussy, best 25 ℃ at room temperature or so, the working mechanism of the best. But in fact a baimiao will be applied in different temperature environment, in more than 60 ℃ possible summer, winter May 20 ℃ in-the following. When factory products is 25 ℃ for test conditions, the different products FenDang classification, but the fact of the operation for 60 ℃ conditions or-20 ℃, this is LED, IC work efficiency and performance is not consistent, may be used to belong to gear will become more file, brightness is not consistent, screen body also natural change to spend. This is because in different temperature condition, red, green, and blue three lamp brightness attenuation and drop is different, in 25 ℃, the white balance is normal, but in 60 ℃, three kinds of color of the brightness of the LED declined, and its attenuation values are not consistent, so will produce the whole screen brightness down and partial color phenomenon, the whole screen quality will fall. And IC? IC range of operating temperatures is in 40 ℃ 85 ℃- . Because outside the temperature too high and lead to the cabinet temperature, if the temperature in the cabinet more than 85 ℃, IC will because the temperature too high and lead to work is not stable, or WenPiao, which varies between channel current or piece of large difference between to spend screen phenomenon.

At the same time, the power supply is also very important, due to a power supply in different temperature condition, its working stability, output voltage value and take the load capacity will also different, because it for the logistics safeguard function, so its guarantee ability directly affect the quality of the screen.

Cabinet design for the LED display is very important also, on the one hand, it can play the role of the protection circuit, on the other hand is security role, and still have dustproof, waterproof function. But more important is the ventilation cooling hot loop system design are good, along with the boot the extension of time and outside temperature rises, the components of the hot drift will increase, resulting in image quality becomes poor.

These factors are all connected, will influence the LED display quality and life. So the client in choose LED electronic screen, full observation, make a right judgment. So customers who panel is what to do?

We should first choose good tube, durable adaptability is strong, but also to other materials and technology assessment absolutely not despise;
Clear your own needs, investment budget and the expected best effect;
Detailed to the project needs to show that when the future development of the planning for providing the best seller implementation plan, even the project can broaden function and expand the budget, plan to avoid for project is not suitable for the future development needs and cause unnecessary waste of resources;
Provide or demand manufacturer to the project installation and application environment analysis data, to the can hair sex a prediction and prevention, solutions, and then to the whole project plan to make comprehensive evaluation;
Different LED production process, and the screen assembly process, installation technology experience, will directly affect the whole project period, the construction cost, safety performance, display effect and quality, service life and maintenance cost, so they must from manufacturers and various understanding, more products and project all aspects of performance characteristics, choose the most suitable for their own needs of the project;
Understand the strength of the manufacturer, good faith, the service content and quality.
At the same time excellent LED display manufacturers also actively for users will the actual demand and operability etc or better provide simulation project proposals, help customer reasonable analysis, planning, and make the most cost-effective solutions. ERALED has always adhered to the "production and quality management is the foundation, the product of leading industry is the steps, the pursuit of customer satisfaction is the goal of" the quality policy, insist on all around "customer benefit maximization" the objective, has focused on to provide cost-effective, high quality facilities and service with high added value products LED display application solutions.

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