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Application shows outdoor full-color LED module maintenance skills


Outdoor LED display round-the-clock operation in outdoor, often suffer from wind and rain erosion of the sun, so is in use process, there is always this or that kind of small problems. In fact many problems such as screen body of LED lights a place not bright, so we just need to take this module on the bright lights replace will do. Below outdoor LED module of the problem of maintenance skills have actually show to you.
A, outdoor P16LED display screen
R (G, B) lamp blind point: may be IC to row needles or row needles to tube feet happen open circuit, finished with a multimeter breakers test out, if it was in row needles to foot the breakers between tubes is needed to jump line to connect with.
Second, P14LED outdoor full-color display screen
R (G, B) long bright lights: module, two lights in series with the combination into a pixel, one light damage lead to another one light long bright, to replace the damaged R (G, B) light.
R (G, B) light dark bright: tube bad, replace the dark bright light tube.
R (G, B) bright lights: may be PCB appear open circuit, or row needles welding short circuit; Using a multimeter to test the corresponding lines, find and connect jump line.
R (G, B) lamp string of point: IC lead foot short circuit, to welding pin.
R (G, B) light even bright: IC or row needles short circuit, and find out the short circuit place and ruled out.
Local color difference: a small piece of R (G, B) bright lights, total resistance welding wrong; Replacement of the resistance.
Three, outdoor full-color display P12LED
A list of R (G, B) light even bright: in the module of a TB62726 (R) control four lines and shown in red LED lamp four lamp series, 3 of them long bright lights, replacing bright R (G, B) lamp can.
A list of R (G, B) bright lights: may be IC to row needles or row needles to tube feet happen open circuit, using a multimeter to test row needles to tube feet attachment, if light is row needles to tube foot open circuit, in connection with positive jump line. If not light may be an IC to row needles open circuit, desirable look under control board row needles pin is loose, welded to prison.
Few lines in bright lights: the corresponding IC4953 bad or pin short circuit, PCB open, replace the IC, reconnect the circuit.
R (G, B) lamp string of point: control accepts the chip pin short circuit, output row needles short circuit, to welding chip pin.
Color: the corresponding R (G, B) the light of the external resistance welding wrong, or total resistance welding wrong. Replacement of the resistance.
A list of R (G, B lamp light: light module long this column a light relative to the other three darker, the lights installed the, take down to mount. If brightness is just as likely as chip output pin short circuit, every column (four lights) corresponding to a serial outlets.
Above is the outdoor full-color LED display in use process modules and the problems of the solution, if you have more questions please contact ERALED technology after-sale service, we will for you to answer.

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