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And the difference between the internal and external full-color LED display comparison

1, outdoor LED display characteristics

Outdoor LED display for environmental needs, so brightness than indoor high. Outdoor full-color LED display screen brightness multimedia, using the gray control technology, modular structure design and very large scale integrated circuit design technology, which greatly increased the LED display system stability, reliability and broadcast effect. Display and control system in the United States Actel company today's latest on the most advanced international very large scale integrated circuit control chip, with flexible online programming function, can finish all kinds of complex digital logic control, and the nonlinear count function. Display system, control function is concentrated all in a very large scale integrated circuit chip, constitute a completely independent monolithic LED control system. Realize the 4096 ~ 65536 super gray level control display and correction function. With novel and unique automatic brightness adjusting function, can be in different brightness environment won best playback. Display system USES new fai scanning technology to display moving speed greatly improved, show the effect is more clear stability. And long distance transmission display information.

2, indoor full color LED display characteristics

Indoor the LED display are used for indoor, a closer look at. Show results from speaking, a three and a table stick can do light diffuse processing, showed no effect granular, color and better properties, no Mosaic phenomenon. From color terms, three and a table full-color spectral color separation is better stick, and color saturation is high, and for the whole face to shine, and so colour is more homogeneous. Three and a table to stick a face mask full-color protection, make whole screen body dustproof, sunscreen, the direct and shine the chip's collision, and to protect the chip's effect. Will tell from craft, mainly is the full automation, high speed placement machine machine automation. Three and a single lamp maintenance, maintenance mode is simple. Three and a table stick is separate power supply, power consumption is small, heat faster, prolong the life of the screen, and high reliability.

But inside and outside door LED widely used has the following functions:

1) information release function:

Can display all kinds of computer information, graphics, pictures and 2, 3 d animation and so on, has the rich broadcast way, rolling information, notice that, slogan slogan, great capacity data storage information;
There are a variety of Chinese font and fonts are available, also can enter the English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese, and many other foreign language;
Broadcast system with multimedia software can be flexibly various information input and broadcast; Can play text information, broadcast form we can roll point, rolling line, introducing lead mode, can move up, left move, can be broadcast news cycle. Font, font size can be arbitrary choice, can be set to broadcast the speed, at the same time more than other news broadcast, or with animation, image and on the air.
For the date, time displays or string, expression shows;
For state policies, laws and regulations and the commitment of the declaration;
The weather forecast play;
Other public information release;
2) video play function:

Can broadcast AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB file format of the;
Play video camera, clear, no flash video images of reality into the show, broadcast live on the implementation of programs;
Play video recorder, DVD player (VCD, DVD, LD) video program, to meet the basic needs of the recreational activity;
The brightness, contrast and saturation, chroma through software can regulate, and the adjusting range is class 256;
With overlapping (VGA + VIDE), image (Video), three VGA display mode;
Has the Video image compression control function
Display synchronization function
The Line-Double function will be staggered picture into a non-interlaced image, moving compensation;
Have all the way to the audio power amplifier provide use, stay at least 2 "camera video input interface;
3) network function:

Equipped with network interface can network with computer, and at the same time broadcast network information, realize network control; According to the customer request according to different places led screen through the network of more than centralized control, can use "VPM + broadband" by remote control.

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