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Analytical LED display industry commonly used professional term (2)


Adaptive brightness adjusting technology

When the display screen work with different work environment (such as day, night, in Pennsylvania, Yin, the rain, and the sun, etc), the LED display will according to the environment of light intensity, automatic regulation display the luminous intensity of brightness and contrast to get the best, to meet people's visual effect.

Optical term

Flux: the luminous flux φ symbol for light source in unit of time to the amount of light emitted, the unit is lumen (lumin), symbol for lm;
The luminous intensity: luminous intensity symbol for I light source in a given direction Angle of the small stereo contained of the flux d φ and the LiTiJiao dQ the value of its currency, the unit is Canterbury pull (CD) 1 CD = 1000 MCD.
Brightness: luminous, symbol for L light source in a given direction Angle of the small stereo the luminous intensity on the vertical and the direction of the plane to a given of the ratio of the ZhengTouYing area. The unit is every square metre of Canterbury, pull (CD/m2)
Efficacy: lumens/every unit, Lm/w, electric light source that energy into light ability, as a power consumption of the flux divided by to represent..
Color temperature

The color of the light source launch bold and in a temperature radiation light hue and at the same time, the temperature of the bold called the light colour temperature, the unit: kelvin [K]. Color of color temperature and atmosphere effect > 5000 K cool and refreshing (with blue white) cold atmosphere among 3300-5000 K (white) frank atmosphere < 3300 K warm (with red white) sedate atmosphere.

Constant current drive technology

When LED with a constant voltage driver, because of the nonlinear PN quarter LED features and its current size on through had done extremely sensitive voltage, and meanwhile each LED concrete parameters and because process factors have differences, and display work the temperature difference between the various points, will cause the LED intensity is differ, affect the display screen and color characteristics, and even cause part in abnormal work LED work around the inside and the van caused premature aging and damage. And when the constant current drive technology, as long as the constant current to determine the scope of the rated LED (the I/V characteristics close to straight line), can make LED the luminous intensity of basic won't be working voltage, temperature and the effects of parameters itself, so as to ensure that the LED display brightness and color of uniformity. The middle and high-end of the full color LED display screen should be used constant current drive technology.

Like technology more than

In the display system, when the display information to a certain direction to a certain speed scroll, the use of human visual temporarily leave characteristic; In between the two adjacent pixels can produce series of mobile, physics there virtual pixels, so as to improve the resolution of the display screen. General application of screen display text message.

Non-linear gray correction technology

When gray level to a higher level, the human eye to low light extremely sensitive to poor, and to high brightness differential can't clear protest, cause the human eye to the actual resolution ability and brightness measurement instrument linear gray level has a bigger difference, this needs to LED the nonlinear vision correction device, the differential, expand the compression brightness high brightness class difference, the actual display of gray with human physiology differential visual. This method will increase the difficulty of the operation and system complexity, is a kind of advanced video processing technology.

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