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outdoor large LED screen is also able to "play" a fun and tricks

If a brand bullish position, direct lease, or buy a whole package advertising, long-term play their logo or brand, product-related content to showcase the brand's determination to enter the market. Many say Times Square large LED screen is the case, they go directly to the brand rather than the media company's operations. For this mode of operation, then, of course, the brand is the sooner the better implementation, if self-employed far more than the large-screen direct investment has been put in the big-screen cost brand will choose another way to do it.

Forever 21 in the Plaza rented a storefront, and then built a large LED screen, the screen body in addition to hardware-related investment positions fee be overwritten rent, other inputs is a small head, and this play, naturally than just rent in the square block screen effect but also superior. With the integration of online and offline, the online store of operation, or directly through the large screen shop will be the future of a practice brand, strategic locations in major cities did not do this just to sell, but also to influence the people and occupy . Brand with its own marketing strategy and the choice of buy big screen in a specific part of the broadcast time period, innovative advertising planning activities, which are some of the practices of the industry from the face of the increasing popularity of the point. We can look at a recent case.

One of America's largest outdoor media company OUT FRONT media (before CBS Outdoor), recently made on the big screen in Times Square for the Jet Blue an innovative advertising (JetBlue Airways and Barclays Bank to launch a Jet Blue Credit card, Jet Blue and this time the purpose of advertising is to prove that consumers have after this card and its app, you can fly faster, travel more convenient). In the ad serving process, OUT FRONT screen Android-based advertising using Google Maps API and real-time traffic data and flight Jet Blueapp generated for consumers to accurately calculate the location from where they are to catch up with the Kennedy Airport JetBlue flight next trip, this process takes much time, and tell them how the fastest way to reach the destination.

I must mention, Jet Blue has been able to achieve this ad, OUT FRONT back ON Smart media platform contributed, in short, the platform is a cloud-driven app ecosystem that integrates hardware, software , content and data, in an unprecedented way to consumers in real time on a large outdoor screen, large-scale sending closely associated with them and can participate in interactive advertising information.

Currently, due to various technical, policy, and other restrictions thinking, creative digital large outdoor screens very few, our common approach is by week or month to advertise, and the time to complete the picture or video is nothing new, and many brands Advertising together loop. If we have such a system similar ON SMART media platform, innovative outdoor big led screen run expanded point to the surface it is not a problem.

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