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83% of the world's LED display from Chinese manufacturers


From outdoor advertising media began in domestic LED rise, now LED screen have become advertising and lease areas of new trend. The LED display of the rapid development of the application of full-color LED display thanks to rapid growth and global LED display production transferring to China, especially from the Beijing Olympic Games start, the LED display start in the major activities, on Saturday. Domestic LED of booming development, also shows that the global LED the development prospect and conditions.
The LED display development and prospects, let the domestic many businessmen see LED the profits and potential business opportunities behind, have LED industry investment. At present China greatly small LED display manufacturers countless, according to statistics, 83% of the world's LED display from Chinese manufacturers. Now China has become a global LED display manufacturing base, the Chinese LED display global market share from 70% in 2008, compared to 83% by 2010, and this year will be more.

China production growth LED display
In 2010 China LED display output of 2.6 million square meters, an increase of 48%. Among them, according to production area of sequence for full color LED display screen, respectively LED monochrome display screen, LED double color display. Three categories of display area of difference. To predict, 2011 LE color display production area is expected to more than the monochrome screen LED, of course, LED a full color drop still occupied the main role.

In 2010 China LED display market size of 18.5 billion
From the Numbers of the Chinese seem to LED display have been global market acceptance, a leading global enterprises have LED display for China to the OEM factory; China LED display local brand enterprise also in the constant development and expansion.
The LED display chip supply enterprise
· China LED chips enterprise ShiLan Ming cores, HuaCan, three, and dalian road beauty is display with blue green LED chips native main suppliers. China local enterprise production with the screen LED chip has can completely replace imported chip, and the gap in quality is also more and more little.
· Taiwan red light lei production LED chip is a lot of screen the first choice of the enterprise, and Taiwan also to supply the wafer red LED chips and small blue-green LED chips.
· international enterprise day and, CREE, OSRAM is China's major high-grade with LED display chip suppliers, the main supply blue-green LED chips, especially in China, and the CREE with LED display chip fields, have a large share of the market.
Display the Chinese had been the most mature fields LED application is one of the LED industry scale enterprise one of the most concentrated areas. A good development LED display enterprise sales scale is in 100 million yuan or more. By the end of 2010, China LED display enterprise annual output value of more than 100 million yuan of more than 20 companies, including most of the enterprise has concentrated in shenzhen. The LED display company are concentrated in shenzhen is the inevitable development of industry, because shenzhen LED display manufacturers that the number of 41% of the country's, but also focus on the more than 75% of the LED a full color enterprise, of which about more than ten enterprises LED display sales revenue exceeds 100 million yuan. With LED technology and the people's demand, and the increase in demand for the requirements of the differentiation and innovation, and believe that there will be more Chinese LED display to the world.

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