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Small pitch LED display into a sustained high growth inevitable



Small pitch LED display in a commercial display, digital signage, education, and even to display the home market message of hope, all to declining prices for basic measure of value. As for the price trend judgment, it will determine the international and domestic industry can under much effort to promote the development of small-pitch LED screen.

2014 domestic small pitch LED screen industry appeared large-scale growth. The main reason is about P1.5 practical standard products, and the price to fall further. This year, a small pitch LED display industry more than doubled. 2015, under domestic and international economic situation is grim background, the small pitch LED display still made more than 8 percent of the market expansion. Meanwhile, the market mainstream products began to P1.2 standard upgrade.

Core costs a small pitch LED screen product depends lamp beads products. 2014-2015 LED lamp industry average market price fell more than 50%. This trend will inevitably affect a small pitch LED display lamp beads prices. Studies suggest that, from 2014-2018, the small distance between the LED lamp in the overall LED lamp industry price decline, small pitch lamp beads market demand expansion, manufacturing technology maturity rising and other background effects is likely to remain around 20% per year the price decline. This would at least make a small pitch LED screen provides more than 13% of the cost of the mid-price decline in space.

Throughout the LED lamp industry, market saturation and lower demand synchronization exists.

Optical efficiency of single LED lamp beads rising, which makes the need to provide the same illumination lamp beads, board size decreases. In mobile phones, LCD TV backlight, lighting and other household and engineering markets, whenever LED lamp brightness increased by 10%, it means that the overall market demand for metered amount of particles reduced by 10%.

LCD industry is facing rapid rise of the OLED. The former requires LED lamp as a backlight, while the latter does not. OLED display technology, making the LED lamp industry will gradually lose the huge market of 200 million annual global TVs, 300 million computers and 20 million mobile phones objectively.

On the basis of the lighting market, LED lamp life is at least 10 times that of traditional energy-saving lamps. Also if the overall lighting market demand is stable, after the use of LED lighting products, distributed to the actual annual purchases will drop a lot. This will make the LED lamps to replace traditional energy-saving lamps in the market early have a very high "replacement" of the outbreak, after which it will have a very stable market and a long quiet period. As since 2013, LED light energy-saving lamps completely replace the trend of forming future expectations of the market has shown a "saturation situation."

Lighting applications market, LED lights will challenge OLED lighting technology of the future. From the perspective of lamp beads, LED and OLED production no commonality.

LED display market, especially the outdoor display market growth is weak. Outdoor LED large screen substantially in the development of urbanization as the main point of the incremental demand, with "saturation" on intrinsic motivation.
These factors together, you can see the overall demand for LED lamp beads not so optimistic: backlighting is an inevitable decline, highlighting efficient products actually lead to lower overall market demand, there must be a calm after the popularity of sports lighting market period, and the face of competitive products and technological competition. These factors combined result from the demand side LED lamp industry there is at least a medium-term (five years) the continued downward trend in prices.
On the other hand, from the supply-side look, LED lamp beads industry has ended key capacity expansion, but to enhance the manufacturing maturity, growth of real supply capacity means that the unit production line. At the same time, technological advances, especially in the brightness of technological progress means that the total amount of light as a standard scale of production capacity continue to improve.

Supply and demand combined, will inevitably lead to the LED lamp industry there is a structural overcapacity, and constantly open up new applications market is the needs of all practitioners of enterprises. Among the huge consumption lamp beads small pitch LED display industry as the best development direction. 2015, fine pitch LED lamp beads, for example, 1 mm-products, has gradually alternative development of local supply. 0.8 future even smaller size of the product will achieve local supply.

Small particles of LED lights bead core technology bottleneck products mainly in terms of stability. This requires a process of practice and gradually improved. Or, when the process of the practice of the industry and the scale of demand reaches a certain critical value, the little pitch LED display lamp beads price is expected to achieve a more significant decline.

For the price movements affect a small pitch LED screen products dramatic factors, in addition to light bead technology advances and prices drop alia, steady increase in PCB version of the advances in technology, surface mount technology progress and yield, defect repair technology advances, IC decline in product prices and so constitutes a favorable factor small pitch LED screen prices continue to slide.

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