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LED display storage, installation of eight considerations


LED display storage, installation of eight considerations

1, put the box clean place clean, with EPE laying.

2, non-messy pile or stack 10 or more modules. When the modules are stacked, placed opposite side lights and use EPE isolation.

3, LED display cabinet put the bulbs flat side facing up, such as the number of too many stand up when needed to pay special attention to protection, shock largely prohibited place stand up.

4, box to gently, landing the rear surface of the ground first and then light the ground, beware of knock injury.

5, all personnel in the installation or repair, must bring cordless wrist strap

6, when installing the module housing or need gently, non-throwing. Handle your cabinet lift can not be pushed or towed away on the ground, so as not to cause uneven ground at the bottom of the module damage. Case in lifting process should be balanced and may not swing around in the air, spin.

7, gaps, locate abnormal conditions occur when you install, it prohibited the use of hammers and other hard objects beat box and module box can be picked up again after the attempt to exclude foreign body. If you need to adjust, then use soft hammer-struck metallic housing part, is strictly prohibited hitting module. Squashed between modules is strictly prohibited, collision behavior.

8, LED display unit board fails, use the corresponding plate reader take out the failed module, do not use a screwdriver or pliers and other sharp objects were not, pry and other illegal operations.

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