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LED Display Five new models


LED Display Five new models

1.LED Display Lease

Hyun Where? Many companies limited number of activities, limited frequency using the display, in order to promote its activities in several exhibitions or commercial displays is not worth the purchase, then LED display rental market is born out of a lease with lower costs, meet market advantages demand. Secondly, with respect to the traditional box, LED rental display universal light, easy to transport to carry, transport costs are lower. Again, rental LED display can not only realize the scene shocking sense of light effects, but also the advantages of quick loading and cultural entertainment sites change frequently features coincide widely used in stage rental, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, sports , various scenes theater, lecture hall, conference room.

Difficulties? RentalLED screen due to its positioning of the reason inevitably requires repeated installation, removal and transportation, so the products are higher, in the shape of the design, structure design and material selection were all exquisite, intuitive understanding that "appearance generous, lightweight, portable installation, stable and reliable quality. "

2.LED Display Share

Hyun Where? Sharing mode refers, LED display screen, the company offers to hotels, shopping malls and other places free, user fees and advertising fees with each other through sharing, win-win cooperation. For hotels, shopping malls, installing a stylish LED display, both to improve the grade of the workplace, but also save a huge cost, but also get advertising into threefold. For screen businesses, although the screen is free, but the ownership of the screen or your own, there is no loss; and, not only to show their display to the public in the crowded place, and tap the potential customers, but also a continued stream ad revenue sharing.

Difficulties? Cooperation is the premise of shared advertising revenue transparency, screen companies have the right to know and timely measures for advertising revenue. In addition, companies can not screen for advertising investment is completely indifferent and let the other side do. Just trying to get more and bigger advertising contracts, screen companies to recover the cost of the screen, and get more into the interests.

3.LED Display Exit

Hyun Where? According to latest customs statistics in 2015 show that only the first five months, China's exports amounted to 260 million LED display US dollars, the export volume of 44 million units. Broad market industry enterprises spare no effort to stimulate the enthusiasm. China's LED display applications industry development and international basic synchronization, and has been fully internationalized and includes a conventional display directly with the international giants on the same stage competition strength. With the smaller pitch LED-related companies into force of increasing homogeneity in the domestic market has been reflected in the international market will ease a lot of atmosphere.

Difficulties? Overseas market development, need to continue to invest large sums of money. To achieve a breakthrough in providing integrated solutions based on enterprise service capacity and ability to adapt to localized higher. Abroad also face many challenges from political, legal, financial, personnel and other aspects.

4.LED Display Integration

Hyun Where? Integration refers to the display or LED display enterprises LED lighting companies in the industry mergers and acquisitions, in order to improve and expand their LED industry chain, to further enhance the competitiveness of LED main industry.

Difficulties? Merger integration is not only a simple 1 + 1, but to achieve complementarity. Should co-ordinate planning, and actively carry out resource integration of industrial chain, so that business structure has been optimized to further expand the source of profit, reduce business risk, and enhance market competitiveness LED main industry.

6.LED Display cross-border

Hyun Where? Currently, culture, art, media, sports, tourism industry, the rapid development, many LED display enterprises to seize the opportunity for development, focus on the layout of these industries. LED display products have long been involved in these areas, and the expansion of these industries, as a communication vehicle for LED display, it will get the amount of improvement in the basis of the original. With the prosperity of the world's cultural and creative industries, the development stage performing arts market, the scope of application of the LED screen will be gradually expanded, new applications will continue to be formed.

Difficulties? Taken the easy integration difficulties! LED business to other businesses, industry needs careful planning to prevent possible risks of industry, requires companies to have a more solid economic foundation and capital backing, extensive industry experience in human resources, and rapid crisis management capabilities.

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