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LED display parking guidance screen is expected to alleviate traffic pressure


LED display parking guidance screen is expected to alleviate traffic pressure

With the improvement of living standards, car prices are further reduced, many families previously elusive family car suddenly becomes a "new Big Three." More and more families enjoying the convenience brought by car, with the increasing number of cars, the city parking problems become more prominent, especially on holidays or during rush hour, the amount of car travel increases, many the owner drove the car can not cruise around to find a suitable parking place, not only delay the owner of the time, but also easily lead to car because of traffic caused by the blockage Luantingluanfang.

Near a shopping mall or a cell that contains a number of parking spaces, but not every owner is familiar with the situation around, this will result in a situation that is a centralized vehicle where an insufficient number of parking spaces, and adjacent neighborhoods parking possible great surplus. To solve this problem, the city parking guidance screen came into being, its main role is to prompt the owners to quickly find parking spaces, while saving owners time, on the other hand indirect slowed road congestion.

Such as installed in shopping malls, squares of all the roads in densely populated urban parking guidance screen, each road parking information displayed in real time, in advance inform the owners of the road near a spare parking spaces in order to be able to quickly find a parking space, so you can use reasonable city ​​parking resources, but also to join the nearby road traffic information, suggesting that road congestion respective owners.

City parking guidance led screen in order to convey information to the owners of parking spaces, you need to have installed at each intersection, but how real-time parking information can be transmitted to the LED display it? Some people say that direct data line connection on it, but the problem is not considered such screens are installed in the densely populated streets intersection, if you are using a synchronous control circuit card costs need to be deployed, so that the human and material resources is relatively large , and the progress of the project also took a longer, in many cases explain the city parking guidance screen synchronous control card price is not very high.

If you are using a wireless LED display LED control card is not a lot easier, ah? Simply plug in a traffic card installed inside the LED screen, completely out of trouble deployed lines, but also relatively easy to post-maintenance, just wireless LED control card programming procedures can be run automatically, you need only program stream via computer or mobile phone, tablet login server on it.

To be able to stream or program without emergency information due to communication speed is slow, it is recommended wireless LED control card is preferably equipped with a communication module 4G, 4G technology has been very mature, and 4G network congestion is relatively small, can guarantee quick access to information needed to send screen is displayed.

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