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LED rental display why favored by the public?


LED rental display why favored by the public?

Traditional box LED display is mainly SPCC (cold-rolled carbon steel plate), commonly known as "metal box", through bending, welding, spraying and other processes will be made of a thin plate shape box. Relatively low cost, but its disadvantages are: its heavy cabinet, made after the display reaches a weight of 45kg per square or more, and very heavy. Stage performing arts industry with rental led screen cabinet basically Aluminum, Aluminum in weight 20-30kg / m2 or so, having a light weight, good thermal conductivity, and other characteristics

LED display cabinet As a result of the traditional means of processing sheet metal, iron or aluminum plate by bending and welding production process and processing forming process itself due to such error, plus easily deformed after processing, the error in millimeter, the display is difficult to achieve zero patchwork of requirements.

LED screen rental housing since the aluminum modular combination forming machining production process, the error can be controlled within a tenth of a millimeter, can achieve zero patchwork of requirements.

Since the box for the aluminum structure, lighter weight, higher precision, convenient disassembly, art can be a single tank of splicing in minutes, greatly reducing installation and removal time, saving labor costs.

The main components affect the LED display life of light-emitting diode (LED), light emitting diode temperature is bigger killer, good heat dissipation aluminum box-type thermal conductivity so that the ambient temperature is relatively stable, can greatly extend the led screen body life.

Support any signal line to meet the different arrangement of the box, placed in order to create different effects of the screen;

Lightweight, thin, fast installation design, enabling you to complete the installation and removal of the display work in a short time;

With a professional video processor, support for AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPBPR, HDMI, SDI and other signals;

It supports the 256 brightness adjustment and custom white balance adjustment, so that the display can be mixed with different batches of use;

Signal Processing: RTF series of products using signal folding technology, without cascade module unit, greatly enhance the product display performance. Fold using signal technology, without cascade module unit, greatly enhance the product display performance;

No light leakage due to the screws when using patented technology mask, mask the use of rear buckle fastening assembly, it can be easy to maintain LED lights front and the front of the mask can not see the fastening screws, overall good screen surface, the screen lights up: Masks Highlights caused;

Module: using a large module, each box only four modules, reducing internal wiring, improve product stability. Without opening the box, the display module can be directly removable from the rear of the cabinet. Without opening the box;

Cover: Remove 4 screws, remove the cover, you can replace the power supply and maintenance and reception card;

Radiating plate: The aluminum base plate instead of the traditional plastic bottom shell, to ensure flatness, while improving the thermal performance of the product;

IC and driving: high refresh frequency, high gray high refresh frequency, high gray 16384 gray high-end products using the built-in PWM constant current driver chips. In the single reception cassette loading conditions, the display refresh rate to as low as 960HZ, up to 4800HZ. Grayscale up to 16bit, smooth screen, can easily meet the stage performance, broadcast and other high-end applications. DC power lines using American standard wire, surface-mount power input socket, power cord clincher, power transmission loss midline minimum input voltage stability;

Compatible: New structure design to meet the lifting of laminated requirements to meet the indoor and outdoor requirements. Case single, compatible with a variety of pitch, indoor and outdoor module compatible;

High: high refresh rate high gray design, gray level 14 bit, refresh rate> 960Hz;

Low: Excellent heat dissipation design and thermal performance, without external fan, air conditioning, low noise; light weight housing, low cost of installation required; low power box, saving operating costs;

Waterproof good effect, with IP65 protection rating, suitable for outdoor use leasing;

With a variety of air box, the box for easy storage and transportation, and the LED display played a very good protection.

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