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Brief What controls Full Color LED Display


Brief What controls Full Color LED Display

China should be called on to develop the information society, in accordance with the level of development of wireless communication now, outdoor full color LED display more and more use of LED asynchronous control card, typically wireless LED control card, mainly through 2G / 3G / 4G wirelessly control the LED screen, including required to upload programs and LED display settings. The reason for all ages outdoor LED display wireless LED control card, mainly because the wireless LED control card has the following four advantages:

Simple, convenient Ads: LED display is connected through wireless communication with the server, or simply use the login server software platform for building cloud simple settings, it can be used to control the content and advertising LED screen, convenient and fast.

Cluster control, time-saving: Outdoor LED screen typically has a quantity and wide distribution of these two prominent characteristics of the wireless LED control card for each card corresponds to an IP number, via the cloud platform can control a single IP address or multiple IP address, which greatly simplifies the work of post-release program; through 2G / 3G / 4G wireless communications, as long as there is a signal, no matter how far distributed more widely, can be remote-controlled LED display.

Emergency information in real-time advertising spots mechanism spread rapidly: This wireless LED control card is the most prominent advantages, especially for units of government agencies such as the Bureau of Meteorology and the Public Security Bureau, which require Stream emergency notification information, just need to play through the software selected LED screen immediately upload emergency notification information, it is very quick and easy.

Installation is simple, cost-effective: wireless LED control card settings screen parameters related to tone buttons, adaptive LED display through the programming process, simple and easy to be able to adjust the parameters of an LED display, the computer does not need to take so much trouble debugging process; eliminating the cost of a series of computer or receive card, cost-effective as well as the subsequent management of labor costs, wireless LED control card is very high.

With the popularity of outdoor LED display, which has been integrated into our lives. Outdoor full color LED display not only as a carrier of video advertising, but also the government unit regularly publish a platform outside the city government information and promo. Full-color LED display can spread information and beautify the city's image, improve urban quality, and therefore received strong government support.

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